m4 or m14

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  1. Falccon86

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    Here are my choices...

    It's a full size CYMA. Fresh gearbox with no field use, externals have seen very light use, stock has a tan / brown camo paint job. Also I have an M14 doing 450 w/.25's.
    High Torque, MOSFET, Deans.

    Or a Fully magpul out VFC 14.5" M4A1, Its stock buy would come with a lipo. this gun is shooting 350 with .25 and 23 to 25 rps.

    What do you think? thank you!
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  2. marine121496

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    All about price my friend. What kind you looking at?

  3. Southpawlegend

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    M14 is heavier has less ability to acclimate attachments . Bad for cqb great for field use good gun to make into a dmr

    M4 extremely easy to upgrade lighter more compact better for cqb more capable for attachments. Many different magazines

    Sum it up m4 would be better for close to mid range and or a better build gun, whereas a m14 would be good for medium to long range build gun

    It depends on your role and area you play
  4. kevincull

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    Get the Cyma m14 socom for cqb and field.
  5. hammerhead

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    I have used and loved the M14 for some time. For those who says its not compact enough, i ask you how a m249 can be used for Cqb and can be effective. You still have Cqb abilities without sacrificing range. Br laying the stock over the shoulder or tucking it under the arm, its like a super mp5 size fun gun. But when you get to half to full field shots, you be ready and within your range. They are a great weapon and have an intimidation factor like no other. Lol