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    Hi everyone! This is my first post so im trying to learn about the whole forums thing. Anyways, recently i have gotten back into air-soft so i got my old gun back out and it didn't really "click" with me anymore. Its a G&G Combat Machine M4 raider (apparently this is a very common gun) and i wanted to make a low-key DMR out of it. I was wondering if anyone who has experience with upgrades can inform me or link me to some good inner and outer barrels that fit, but are a little longer and have threads for a suppressor. If i need a new rail to accompany it i can get it. I'm really aiming for a slightly longer barrel plus a suppressor. I wasn't going to mess with internals...yet. Once again I am new and i hope someone can help me, Ive looked around on other forums but honestly i get a little confused.

    Thanks, Paul :)
  2. Tactical_Skittles

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    I've not heard of any DMR with stock internals.

    If you don't want to touch the internals at all, you can switch to higher quality heavier weight BBs for better range and consistency. It won't be a DMR, but you will see some increase in performance.

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    You can't have a DMR without messing with the internals. That's what makes a DMR.