M4 rail conversion to m16 rails

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by cysko, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. cysko

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    Hey I have a M4 I've turned into a DMR and I still have standard M4 rails on it with a 509-520mm long outer barrel, now if you didn't get that it means I have like 12in of barrel past my rails and it looks ridiculous.

    Now I have looked for m16 rails an stuff, but I want to know your suggestions for converting my rails to full length m16

    (Which I've seen are 20in long) and I also want to know if I will need a new barrel or etc...
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  2. Username94

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    Look into some 12 inch free float rails. They should look really good.

  3. cysko

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    I have a CQB model so I already have those but I'm looking for some 20 inch ones so that there isn't a lot of my barrel showing and it looks more like a sniper than an M4 with a freakin huge barrel haha
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    This thread needs pictures.....................................