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    I'm working on building a SOPMOD styled M4 based on the older Block I. I won't have every component an exact copy of the original, but I will use kit that I find in my styles of gameplay to be very useful. I'll list off what I intend to use, then the weapons I want to use and why. This would technically be my first good quality AEG, so I want to make a good enough decision and have room for what I want to add to it. If there is an option that is good, but I didn't list, please let me know.

    So far, I realize I'd use the following attachments:
    NcStar Aimpont replica, mounted on a cantilever mount
    Replica ACOG (red/green dot non zoom variant)
    AR15 styled scope (carry handle/weaver rail mounted)
    RIS unit, non free-float
    Vertical foregrip
    Older (XM177E2) stock
    MOE stock
    MOE handguard
    MOE vertical grip
    Barrel extension (tracer/non tracer)

    M4's I see possible to use:
    Classic Army M15A4 Sportline
    G&G Combat Machine
    ICS M4 Sportline
    JG M4 Enhanced*
    JG M733C**
    Elite Force M4
    King Arms M4

    *Using JG as a last resort. Would really like to avoid using a M4 that didn't come with a real rifle styled delta ring, but since it does come as with an aftermarket part, I'll manage.

    **With the M733C, I'd be able to switch from late Cold War to present times. More money goes into having a separate receiver, but then I could do a BHD loadout. I could always do that kit separate, but still could be an option.

    I've spent quite sometime researching this topic. I'm not trying to sound like an expert, because I know I'm not, but I did put forth some effort in figuring out what to do. Again any help, tips, advice when going into this build after picking the weapon would be helpful.
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    NcStar sucks, get a G&P aimpoint. Similarly, red dot ACOGs suck, get a magnified version. You need an LMT SOPMOD stock or LE stock for SOPMOD kit. MOE everything is a no-go. If you get an M203, it needs to be barrel mounted, not rail mounted. For your rifle, pony up the dough and get a G&P. Or, if you want something that looks the part but might need some TLC, get a King Arms.

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    Airsoft Club has a nice G&P Aimpoint replica for $30. It's worth checking out.

    Also I would save up more money or slow the pace down on your project in order to buy the best replica items available. Because spending a small amount of money and buying NC Star this and NC Star that will just leave you with a huge pile of crap when you are done.

    And like kneef said, buy a better base M4. Check out Classic Army X-Series, G&P, VFC, etc. You can also find great used items on Craigslist/eBay/Classifieds.
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    G&P aimpont: Got it
    Magnified ACOG: might take some time before acquiring, but got it
    No MOE: Got it
    Better M4: Got it. I'll look into both products before making that decision. Not really based on budget, but on my personal preference.

    LMT or LE stock: Got it. However, I'm building the kit based off of an older M4 with the original style of stock. I will keep the LE stock, but I personally prefer the former.

    Never found that website when I searched, thank you for showing me this. I didn't know too much about NC Star products, other than that I see them everywhere. Found the red dot, and will be getting my hands on it soon as I can.