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Ok guys title says it all. I'm banging my head trying to pinpoint a very possible airleak in my build right now, and I'd like some suggestions. Currently using a Prowin clone hopup unit (I also have a maxx). What hopup/packings/nozzles do you guys use in your m4 builds? Thanks.

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In my experience…

I’d look for whatever nozzle doesn’t wobble on the nozzle tube, has good finishing, cutouts, and is ordinary M4 length (adjustable ignores this). Usually I prefer plastic with no o-ring, and I literally dig around in a box I have from Guges until I find one with a good fit.

For aftermarket I prefer Maxx adjustable, which are wobbly at times but can at least be tuned by length to help with other issues. If you could source a Krytac or VFC stock nozzle I’d call that great. Arcturus stock nozzles are also high on my list. I’ve been through SHS, RA, and some other aluminum double o-ring nozzles… but just not what I like.

Including price in my rating, I’d go with these pairings combined with whatever nozzle fits your cylinder head best:

G&G rotary hop unit w/ an ML hop rubber or maybe a TNT silicone flathop.

Arcturus polymer rotary with a PDI W-hold or a Modify Baton flathop.

That Maxx should fit an ML rubber well, or at worst a G&G Blue/Green.

That Prowin should fit a PDI W-hold, Modify Baton or a TNT T.Hop (TNT needs special thin nub, since it’s a tall contact patch).

Here’s some of my compatibility notes about hop rubbers and hop units, assuming good GB shell alignment in all cases:

Maxx nozzles (particularly the adjustable), will work with these hop units with the right rubber: Prowin, Prowin Clone, Maxx, Krytac, Lancer Tactical (generic red Chinese), Arcturus pending (Need to get out and test).

I dislike Prowin Clones like the Dytac unit since I‘ve found them to cause feeding issues due to how the seat with the upper receiver and the gearbox. Not always, but in some receivers. Mine caused issues in a build using a Cyma platinum receiver and Lonex Diecast box. A regular Prowin worked fine.

There are two kinds of rubbers in my experience: China spec, and Taiwan spec. This is very general, but Taiwan spec are thick around the front, and won’t fit correctly in: Arcturus, TM, Prowin, Prowin Clone, Lancer Tactical, or other generic units.

These rubbers include: Maple Leaf rubbers, TNT silicone flathop, Silverback Silicone rubbers, G&G green and blue are borderline, and will still fit in regular units with maybe mild sanding of the lips.

Maxx, G&G, and other Taiwanese units usually fit these thicker rubbers easily in my experience.

China spec is thinner, both around the front “shoulders” and usually the rubber in general. These include: TM stock (obviously Japanese, I’m being general), Arcturus stock, PDI W-hold, Madbull red shark, Modify Baton flathop rubbers, TNT T.Hop.

Arcturus is actually even skinnier and more restrictive than most, and actually disallows usage of G&G rubbers, TNT rubbers, and others IME.

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You can add barrels to the equation as well. The notches cut in the barrels for the hop unit clip can be cut at different positions from brand to brand. One barrel I have sits further in, and I can't use it with a ML rubber; the rubber's lips stick out too far for the BBs to feed. Just simply changing barrels and the ML rubber works fine. The opposite can be true as well. The barrel could not sit as far in the hop unit, causing the nozzle to not seat properly. The same is true with hop units and where the clip is located. My main setups use Maxx ME with an Airtech TDC trolley made for the Maxx unit. ML MrHop rubber and an Action Army barrel, because it has the correct window clearance for the ML rubber and the Omega Nub.

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I try to keep parts OEM whenever I can to avoid fitment issues. When the need arises I have to swap parts around, I do my best to keep parts from the same mfg to keep tolerance stacking to a minimum. IME, combos that I have used in the past have been:

ProWin + Prommy Purple + Prommy barrel and either Lonex, VFC, or G&P nozzles (sans the nozzle this was the go-to for HPA users for the longest time)
ProWin + G&G Green + Prommy Barrel + Lonex, VFC or G&P Nozzle
OEM VFC rotary, bucking, barrel + nozzle + flathop. Virtually no $$$ in this and takes all of 10 minutes to do with great results.
Same as above, but sub G&P.
Lonex Chamber + Prommy Purple + Prommy barrel with Lonex (preferred) or VFC/G&P nozzle
Lonex Chamber + Lonex 50 or 70d bucking* + Prommy OR OEM barrel and Lonex nozzle
* 50d if I am flat-hoping or 70d if I am R-hoping

As I have mentioned before, my go-to setup is:
Lonex Chamber + Lonex bucking, OEM, or ZCI barrel + R-hop. I dont buy Prommy barrels anymore since the cost : performance ratio isnt the best anymore. I can get a $20 ZCI barrel that I can lap and have it perform way beyond what I need it to do for a fraction of the cost. Better yet, I can take the OEM barrel (assuming its good) and do the same thing and save $20.
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