M4 w/ mags and batteries

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    Hello all,
    Im selling this weird, naked looking m4 base to fund a WOC build.

    -Price includes shipping.
    -I will ship once payment through
    -trades...eh maybe. throw it out there

    This is a G&G base. Polymer upper and lower. Ancient stock, I dont even remember where it came from. G&P barrel with an adapter and a 2" extension. The rail is a ZCI NSR clone, 7".

    Will come with the Gemtech Blackside. Its an older model, so its solid aluminum. And the AFG. No iron sights on this thing.

    Wired to deans, comes with 3 Turnigy 1 AMP buffer tube batteries. also includes the 5 MAG mags and the original G&G hicap.


    Looking to get $175 for this. One seventy five shipped

    Direct message with me offers or questions.

    Thanks for looking =)