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    So I've recently started having problems with my gun concerning the anti reversal latch. Witch is how I got onto this site. Anyway doing my research I've decided to do some upgrading to my gun, such as the hand guard upgrading the gearbox adding hop up bucking and shims etc. I have also learned a fair bit so if you need help with your gun I may be able to offer advice.
  2. StoicTheVast

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    So first question! I am looking to get a new hand guard so that I can get some attachments however all the ones that include battery space are fairly expensive, should I consider re wiring my gun to the back and is that complicated? Thanks for all the help!

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    It would be helpful if you listed your gun model and provided a link so we can provide better information. If you don't like the idea of rewiring your gearbox to the rear you could use a battery box. If you are set on rewiring your gun to the rear then make sure you have adequate battery space in your stock. While rewiring your gun isn't complicated it can be time consuming if you don't have very much experience soldering.
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    I agree with Kln, if you gave us more information than we could better help you. Her is a little list of things we need to know:

    -Gun make and model
    -Goals, what Range, RPS and Reliability are you trying to accomplish
    -Experience as a tech, or what basic do it yourself abilities do you possess
    -What type of playing will you be doing, Indoor or Outdoor
    -Do you have basic tools or access to tools like soldering iron.
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    I will update info just trying to figure out how, as I said I am new to this site