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    Hello all you wonderful people! It's been a minute since I've been on the forum, but it's time for that quarterly sale that I know you've all been waiting for ;) Everything is listed as-is. I only accept PayPal Goods & Services and all prices include shipping and fees. Batteries and air rigs are not included with anything unless it is discussed with me prior to the closing of a sale. Moderators/Admin and Lifetime Supporters get an additional 5% off everything.

    KWA AKR-74 ERG$160 shipped
    Did not work last time it was tested; battery appeared to not make contact with the motor. Never tried to fix it, but I imagine it is a wiring problem. Dust cover push button is disassembled but is included in the box. Comes with one mag, no battery, in retail packaging.

    VFC Barrett Rec7 with Valken V12 - $420 shipped
    Has been in storage for several months. Has always functioned very well, however during a moving process the lower receiver suffered a stress crack. Eventually the lower receiver will need to be replaced, but everything is included for the buyer’s discretion. Previous owner also installed an aftermarket hop-up and inner barrel, don’t know the brand(s) but the performance was great. Optic and magazine not included.
    IMG_3992.JPG IMG_3993.JPG

    Tippmann M4 CO2/HPA$375 shipped
    Great condition. Mechanical system means it works without needing an FCU battery and also simulates recoil similar to a .22lr. Has several aftermarket parts, including the keymod handguard and flash hider, replica Magpul VFG and real MFT minimalist stock. Also has the TDC hop-up mod which has greatly improved consistency and range. FPS was last set to ~360 with 0.25g bbs. Optic and magazine not included. Original packaging, spare parts, and one original CO2 mag will be included.
    IMG_3994.JPG IMG_3995.JPG

    Heavily Upgraded JG Bar-10$250 shipped
    This was a local teammates custom rifle that he ran for several years. It has undergone a handful of modifications. I know that the trigger unit, springs, inner barrel, and hop-up have all been swapped out for aftermarket parts. Comes with illuminated red/green 3-9x scope, 5 magazines, and a replica Gemtech silencer.
    IMG_3997.JPG IMG_3998.JPG

    G&P WOC Sniper V.P.R.$450 shipped
    Practically brand new. Has been a showpiece for many months, but I feel it is time to part ways with this beauty. Functions great, no issues whatsoever. Does not included suppressor, peq15, optic. Comes with Harris style bipod and one 30rd green gas magazine. Good luck finding another one :3
    IMG_3999.JPG IMG_4004.JPG

    VFC VR16 with Wolverine Reaper – $450 shipped
    Last time this was tested it ran flawlessly. I believe that the hop-up and inner barrel are aftermarket parts, but do not recall the brand(s). Does not include amplifier, foregrip, mag, or optic.
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