Magazine rattling

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  1. The_Boss

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    Hi my name is Tyler and I just bought my kwa m1911 mark 1 ptp.
    And after 1 hour, I accidentally dropped the mag on the carpet and I released the follower without bbs.
    And now the mag rattles when I shake it.
    I haven't shot it yet cuz I do not have the propane yet.
    Should I bring the gun to where I bought?
    Please tell me what to do.
    I am so worried and aft aid now and feel like I broke the gun in one day.
    Plz reply
  2. Mystery43_4

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    Pictures would be nice. How, when, and where is it rattling? More info please.
    If they have a good return policy and they're local, then sure...

  3. The_Boss

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    I can't really put pictures, but everything is fine just little scratches (very little)
    Is something wrong?
  4. Sparky_D

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    Inside the magazine, there's generally a brass tube pressed or screwed onto the fill valve. This tube is to prevent overfilling of the magazine with liquid gas. When the mag is overfilled, liquid gas escapes during the first few shots risking damaging the internals and seals.

    After a drop like you described, it is not unusual for this tube to come loose and rattle around inside.

    You can remove the magazine base plate, usually by popping out two pins and pulling it off. (make sure the magazine is empty of gas and BBs first)

    You can either put the tube back on, or just leave it off. Just be aware of the above reason for it being there.
  5. The_Boss

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    So at least will it fire ok??