Making my stock tm G36c shoot further (cheapest and easiest way)

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  1. Bronco53

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    Hello all! As the title says I'm looking for some advice about my gun. Im looking to get around 200ft of range for it and i'm wondering if just popping a heavier spring will do the trick once i adjust the hop-up on it or will i have to do other mods. Thanks and btw i couldn't find any answers to this in the threads already out there so please don't troll on this.
  2. deathmechanic

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    Boosting your FPS will give small results in range. Look into Rhop its currently one of the best hopup mods you can do. Pick up a prommy barrel while you're at it.

  3. mpanary_fako

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    Bigger spring, heavy bbs, good compression and flat hop. There
  4. Star_folder

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    I've never had any troubles using a flat hop or r-hop to get out to 200ft even in 290fps guns. I would search those, and have fun!
  5. tscebu

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    I currently get 325 ft. of range without any hop mods.

    I use:

    1) Spring- SHS M140
    2) Barrel- Madbull 509mm 6.01mm
    3) Bucking- G&G Green
    4) Nub- Madbull Concave Spacer
  6. Finalencounter

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    I find that hard to believe... ^
  7. Bronco53

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    Okay so my game pLan is probably going to be getting an rhop, spring, and .28's. i dont want to pour to much money into this gun becuase i havent been able to play with friends in a long time unfortunately so idk how long well keep the airsoft stuff. But i ink it will be worth it to get this gun shooting to a good range so itll sell better in the future
  8. Bronco53

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    Also quick question. Whats the heaviest spring i should out in without upping the gears and motor...aka which would br the best for more range without hurting my gb
  9. egotekkenh

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    In regards to the spring it depends on what battery are you using? Type (Nimh, Lipo), Volts and mah. Also if you or someone can clarify the motor you have that would be great. I wonder if its a eg1000. I agree with many people here though. R hop or flat hop would do the trick and is pretty cheap if all you want is a simple range mod.
  10. Bronco53

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    Im still looking for a battery becuase the stock one is crap. the motor is stock but i havent looked at it. thanks for the info
  11. Sparky_D

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    It's a TM, so it's not built for high power, but that doesn't mean it's incapable.

    I regularly use M110 and M120 springs in TM gearboxes on stock TM gears, but I do more than just drop in the spring.
    For an EG-800 motor (stock motor in a G36C, IIRC), I would run an M110.
    If it's the EG-1000, then an M120.

    You will need to change the nylon bushings to metal bushings. Do NOT use bearing bushings. The TM uses 6mm bushings and the 6mm bearing bushings are only suggested for 300 FPS and less. Any good set of solid metal 6mm bushings will be good. I would avoid the cintered brass bushings like G&G uses. You will also need to re-shim the gearbox when you replace the bushings.

    You will also want to consider a metal spring guide. On my first TM V3 gearbox rebuild, I left the plastic spring guide inside. After about 400 rounds, the gearbox sounded like crap, then the piston stripped. The plastic spring guide broke and the shaft jammed my piston, causing it to strip.

    While the stock TM gears are good, SHS gears are stronger and fairly inexpensive, so I would give serious consideration to swapping them out. You can save the TM gears for emergency spares.

    You will also want to think about putting a radius on the corners of the cylinder window on the gearbox shell. The square angle of the opening is the weakest structural point of the gearbox. By taking a round needle file to the corner, you essentially relieve the stresses in that area, making it a little stronger. Not as critical with a V3 as it is with a V2, but every little bit helps.
  12. egotekkenh

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    If you decide to go lipo and already have a lipo charger/balancer, or want to invest in one, go here. (

    You do not have to get an 'airsoft battery' from there, or an airsoft store, just get a gens ace, sky or blue rc car one and change the connector. If you do not have a lipo charger ( this is a good one which charges/discharges Nimh and Lipo batteries. 7.4 lipo batteries are a good start. If you go 11.1 you would need to consider more 'durable' upgrades depending on what you currently have. Adjusting for AOE helps.

    I ran 11.1 on a tm eg1000 motor for 2000 rounds and it gets pretty warm for an m120 setup. Don't get me wrong. It can pull, just not sure how long it would last? If you find out that it can last take a beating, then by all means use it.
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    This guy has never seen a football field apparently. Anyways without other upgrades have fun with that SHS 140.
  14. egotekkenh

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    Haha. Aim 45 degrees?
  15. Bronco53

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    Okay cool im having a friend pop a new spring in it now. I will look around till i find a good rhop and tro to put it in. Thanks for the help guys