Marui P226 with Guarder FMK and Upgrades (New Thread)

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    Please don't take my former thread into consideration. I have changed the piston lid and now the pistol works nicely. The misfeeding problems have ended and it fires 22-23 bbs with a gas fill. The new price is 340 USD.

    I bought this Marui P226 rail in 2009, 6 months later i bought Guarder Non-Rail Metal Slide-Frame and installed it. I used it for years with green gas, within this time period the valve knocker and takedown lever have broken. I replaced them with new ones. Except these parts, i have bought lots of aftermarket parts because of my curiosity. Here is the full list:

    Marui P226 rail based (not e2, old p226)
    Guarder Navy Non-Rail Metal Slide-Frame 2010 Version
    VFC Black Steel Threaded Outer Barrel
    Guarder steel grip screws
    Shooters design takedown lever
    Guarder steel decocking lever
    Pdi inner barrel
    Guarder steel recoil spring guide
    Shooters design steel valve knocker
    Guarder Enhanced Piston Lid
    Guarder enhanced recoil spring (these are installed to the pistol)

    Other parts: VFC Polished Steel Threaded Outer Barrel
    Two 14mm- silencer adapters
    Madbull Blackside 14mm- silencer (has some damages on the front side)
    Various replacement springs
    Guarder early type steel trigger
    Guarder high output valve
    Shooters design POM cylinder set
    3 p226r magazines (two of them are leaky)
    1 p226-e2 magazine
    Hogue finger grooves P226 grip (i have slightly modified it for airsoft but then gave up, but still can be modified and installed)
    Real p226 mainspring seat necessary for hogue grip's installation

    If you wish, i can send you the stock plastic slide/frame/barrel, but it may cause the shipping cost to increase. I live in Turkey and i offer a free shipping for airmail.

    You can see the high-resolution pictures from here:

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    How much money are you looking for? Are you up for trades?

    What I have to trade:

    Genuine Peltor Push to Talk

    Amped Airsoft Custom Ninja Paintball HPA SLP Tank with regulator

    Elite Force 1911 tac with one mag

    G&P Micro T1

    EoTech 552 Replica

    Old, very badly broken KWA M226 (extremely broken)

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    I'm not looking for trades, the price is 340 USD.
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    The price is 330 usd now.
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    The price is 320 usd now.
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    The price is 300 USD now.