Masada Experts Wanted

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    Alright guys, I was hoping to get some insight on the progression of my rifle.

    I bought the A&K Masada a while back and can confidently say it was my first serious airsoft gun. I've tried researching the rifle but get confused with all this "old version" vs "new version" crap, but all I know for sure is that the gun gets quite a bit of flak from the community for generally being a POS (which kinda bums me out considering it was my first purchase).

    I've put it through use for a little over a year now and she has always come through for me in terms of performance. There have been some problems here and there but regardless, my Masada has a soft spot in my heart and I feel a bond with my rifle that I don't want to just ditch. So, now to the actual point of the thread:

    How do I go about bringing this up to standard with the big dogs? Instead than purchasing a new weapon, I'd rather put money into making this rifle better, so I'd like to know what internal upgrades you'd recommend to make this a field game rifle to be proud of (not that I'm not proud already). Just for some background, I replaced a cracked air nozzle already, upgraded the piston, and recently she's been out of commission. Not sure if it's because of a bum battery, or a motor issue, but I'd like to remedy the issue and overhaul performance while she's opened up. Thanks for any help!
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