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Discussion in 'Staging Area' started by Bearsoft, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Bearsoft

    Bearsoft New Member

    So I recently was bestowed the power of being the school mascot at the football games. I was wondering if anyone else has been a mascot and also I was wanting tips for being the best mascot possible.
  2. Navyhodge

    Navyhodge New Member

    Be energetic, excited, silly. Watch mascot videos on the internet and just do what they do. When you're in that costume you're the mascot, not yourself. So play around a bit. In football I could never figure out who was in the mascot costume anyway, so dont feel like you're embarassing yourself. The odds are no one knows its you ha ha.

  3. Dead Eye

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    what he said! I used to work doing costumed deliveries, I would do Clowning, Barney the Dinosaur, Turtles, so on and so on. I also used to do live stage shows with an Elvis impersonator. I would have to do all the intros and sing Back up Vocals. the one thing I learned is even if they know who you are you need to stay with the character and have as much fun as possible. no 2 character have the same personality so try to find the life of the costume you are wearing. Heck I had once almost got into a bar fight dressed as Barney the Dinosaur. I still stayed in character.
  4. Bearsoft

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    Haha I would pay to see Barney fight. Everyone finds out pretty quickly who the mascot is. I don't mind people knowing though. Anyways I just found myself not knowing what to do in the mascot.