Matrix zombie killer

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  1. Raptor1-0-1

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    I was originally looking at a g&p mk12, but the matrix m4 zombie killer caught my eye. The thing is, it does look like a cqb gun. I was wondering who has it and if its worth the money, plus any ideas on what to get for it. While the fps below 400 I was already going to get a mock suppresser ad may be new spring and motor but leaving the barrel a 6.03 so that way I don't gam up. (I'm very sorry I can't see what I'm tytyping cuz my iPod wont let me .....stupid thing gotta love crappie)
  2. Protectionperfection

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    stay with the G&P... Matrix usually ends up needing upgrades and fixing

  3. Mikeinator

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    Northern VA (no more info, someone might find me...)
    Get the g&p, matrix guns are unreliable and their quality is lacking. I have heard only bad thing about Matrix guns, and only good things about G&P guns.
  4. evan2634

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    I have this gun. It's very good when you get a good new motor, 6.03 tbb, and a barrel extension example: madbull gemtech Blackside silencer.
  5. Raptor1-0-1

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    Now was it a high torque or high speed motor