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  1. Punisher19

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    What do you guys think about having a medic on each team to revive players?

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  2. Knief

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    That's a pretty common practice, so long as the scenario calls for it. With larger games, you usually want one medic per squad or something on that order. Where it gets complicated is determining which medic rules to use. I've seen dozens of different ways of doing it, many good, many not so good.

  3. Grudge

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    The one medic rule is good. Makes you think about protecting him rather than walking a few miles back to your base.

    Another good one is the medic rope. Each player has a rope with 3 knots tied in it, when they are hit another player can come over (within a set amount of time, usually 3-5 mins) they untie ther knots and tie the rope around the players arm or leg. If they get hit again they are dead and return to respawn or base. The first player cannot help or shoot during the MEDIC time. If the other player is hit the first player is back on the clock and the second player needs to wait for someone or bleed out!
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    I think medics are good it saves you the trouble of running to base