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Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by shadowairsoft09, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. shadowairsoft09

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    So I'm deciding on whether or not to upgrade my upper an lower receiver on my m4 to metal. Right now they are abs plastic. I'm just curious as to if its worth it to upgrade. Thanks in advance.
  2. marine121496

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    Uh this is more of a personal choice, I upgraded my receivers to metal, but I could very well have lived without, if you want a metal receiver get one, if not then don't I don't see much difference between the two. Alternatively wait till your current receivers break then replace with metal ones.

  3. S1kkguy

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    To be honest, there's no real benefits to change a reciever that isn't broken or damaged. If it improves your airsofting experience then go ahead whatever floats your boat. But i'd wait until your current one gets battered. My 2 pence.
  4. jimfc3

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    I'm with theise guys^^ It's cosmetic!!! I would spend money on upgrading internals first
  5. Nelson

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    I am one of the few who really doesn't care if a receiver is metal or not. It depends on build and personal preference. When I did my light weight build on my g&g gr 15 I left the body abs and put a metal rail system on it, because I felt a metal rail system would serve a better purpose. I do like the durability of my current KA metal receivers though, so it's a fine line between build and personal preference.
  6. Axis

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    Just like the others have said, it's personal preference. I personally would put a few dollars into the internals rather than the externals. But that may just me.