MH-6 Incident/Codename: Black Heart October 21st Owego NY

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    Sunday October 21st

    2:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m.

    R&M paintball park

    445 Miller Beach Rd

    Owego, NY 13827

    $20 entry fee OR $30 rental fee (Thompsons, M1A1s, P90s, or Galils MUST reserve ASAP limited number)
    With every paid entry, you will be entered into a raffle for BBs, green gas, or smoke grenades.
    If we reach 50 people, we will even raffle off a brand new 100th Anniversary 1911 GBB Pistol!

    January 21st, 1980: The United States Military funded a small underground research facility on Baker Island, located in the South Pacific Ocean. The research was classified at the highest levels, most only knowing it was some sort of bio-research, and codenamed Black Heart. After 2 years in, the project was shut down, and all research data was to be transferred too Fort Shafter in Hawaii. Once all personnel were evacuated, a 4 man strike team was assembled too accompany the data aboard a MH-6 Hughes
    Helicopter,which would then make short jumps from neighboring islands for refueling until it reached its destination. On March 3rd, 1982 the MH-6 was reported lost at sea with all hands down. No trace of wreckage was ever found.

    Present Day: Out of the researchers, only two remain alive today, General Lewis "Overkill" Moore and Dr. Alan Skohem. Moore still works for the military while Skohem has moved on too more "private" endeavors. Both have received reports of a transmitter beacon having been activated in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, where no land masses are said to be. General Moore sees this as a chance to clean up mistakes from his "less then clean" record while Dr.Skohem sees this as an opportunity to capitalize on old research merged with today's technology. The race is on to see who can claim the prize..........

    US Military:
    Any color Digital or Regular Camo
    US Missions:
    -Find out what happened to the pilots/strike team
    -Find the research data
    -Find the beacon and who activated it

    Black/OD Green uniforms (tops and bottoms must be uniform) or Civilian clothing with tactical gear.
    Mercenary Missions:
    -Find the research data
    -Find/destroy the beacon
    -Destroy evidence of the crash

    At the end of the game, each team will receive money (its fake stop drooling) for each succesfully completed mission. Team with the most cash wins.


    Red Kill rag
    Matching uniform for team
    Time Piece
    Patch or Badge to mark as Medic
    Goggles or Facemask


    NO Hi-Cap/Drum Magazines

    NO Sniper Rifles

    400fps w/.2s

    Semi-Auto only.

    Pistols and Shotguns allowed, no magazine/shell restrictions

    MAX 4 of Smoke Grenades, BB Grenades, Grenade Launcher shells, and/or Concussion Greandes. You are allowed to mix and match.

    MAX 3 Mid Caps or MAX 1 High Cap, no additional Ammo brought onto the field, no speedloaders allowed on the field.

    Safety Kill Rule in effect (If your within 10 ft of an enemy, yell BANG. They must act as if theyve been hit).

    Squad Rule in effect (Squad Rule is 3-5 people per team depending on number of players, 1 Medic per squad. Squad must move as a unit, no lone wolfing. A Squad Leader must be declared at this point.)

    Medic Rule in effect (1 Medic per squad, must have badge or patch to mark self as Medic. Limited number of bandages to start. To heal a shot team member, kneel next to them and wrap a bandage around there arm. Medic is allowed to heal self.)

    If a Medic cannot reach you for 3 minutes, you have now bled out and died. You are now a Zombie.

    When shot, drop to a knee, sling your rifle to the side, produce a red rag, place it on your head, and call out MEDIC! You are not allowed to speak otherwise.

    Any hits to yourself or your gear is considered a kill shot, except gun hits.

    Any player of a squad is allowed to move an injured played of there own squad but they must remain in physial contact too one another and move at a normal walking pace. If the injured player is shot during this time of movement, the other player is now considered shot.

    If a Zombie is able to tag you, whether its a tie or not, you are now dead. Lay down, sling your rifle to the side, produce a red rag, and tie it to your head or arm. After 60 seconds, you are now a Zombie.

    To fully kill a Zombie, you must hit them once, forcing them to lay on the ground, and then place your hand on there body for 20 seconds. This simulates removing the zombies head.

    If your squad has found any "cures", your Medic may apply it to 1 Zombie that has been hit once. Place your hand on the zombie for 10 seconds to apply cure. Afterwords, that zombie is now Human again and joins your squad. Dont forget to remove the dead rag.

    There will be ammo boxes, medic crates, and other goodies/surprises hidden throughout the field.


    If one of your team is injured and your Medic no longer has bandages, you can not leave him behind. Your only options are to walk with him while someone stays in physical contact until more bandages can be found, wait until he has bled out, OR you perform a Mercy Killing.)

    Mercy Killing in effect (When you walk upto an injured team mate, place your hand on there shoulder, and call Mercy Killing. The injured player is now fully bled out and will begin counting to become a Zombie.)

    When you first become a Zombie, you must tie your red rag around your head or arm, to mark that your now undead.

    Only allowed to hip fire, NO AIMING, Semi-Auto fire still in effect.

    Squad Rule no longer in effect.

    Medic Rule no longer in effect.

    Mercy Killing no longer in effect.

    Safety Kill Rule no longer in effect.

    Zombies are allowed to run.

    Zombies are not allowed to use Secondary Weapons (pistols/shotguns/grenades/launchers).

    Any hits to yourself or your gear is considered a kill shot, except gun hits.

    If a Human has "killed you fully" (removed your head), you must raise your rifle into the air, and proceed to the Spawn Point. There you may refill ammo, get water, dump off weapons u dont need, and prepare to respawn. After 5 minutes you may go back into the field.

    Once hit, you lay on the ground, and count for 60 Seconds. After that you may get up and act as normal, for a Zombie.

    You are allowed too "play dead". You are also allowed to "camp" item boxes.

    If u can, you are allowed to touch human players. This counts as a kill and over rules a tie caused by the Safety Kill Rule.

    Zombies are not allowed too touch, use, or move items or item boxes.

    We want people to be Signed up to fill the ranks asap
    please note what team you want to be on when Signing up.

    You can post here at this FaceBook Link that is open to the public

    Or you can post here
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