MICH 2000 accesorization

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  1. bobsicle

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    San Jose
    Aright guys, have more questions. After all, it is Christmas-shopping time.
    I have a plain-Jane MICH 2000. It started out black, then got a treatment of OD over Khaki for that RG look. I also added a little fake wear-and-tear.
    Right now, I want to put some rails from egoairsoft on there. Then, I found these:
    while looking through ebairsoft's helmet selection.
    They seem nice because even with the 2000's full ear protection, I still get shot in the ear occasionally. These guys will protect my ear and part of my cheeks as well.
    I'm not sure if it will fit though, because of the 2000's full-sized ear protection. Does anybody know?

    Other than the above and adding velcro and as many patches as possible, what else do you reccomend? A Norontos mount? Even more Velcro? Or a predator-esque laser sighting system? :p
    My budget is not too big; I'm willing to spend up to roughly $50. But only if that would make my helmet the most BAMF helmet on the field :D
    Well, not really, but you get the point.

    And another helmet-related question...
    On Friday I believe, I went onto ebairsoft's sight and saw an ACM FAST Bump helmet with Velcro, rails and "swat-style" nvg mount for $56.99.<3
    However, when I went home to take a better look at it, it was gone. I think they mistakenly put it on, but then realized they didn't have it in stock. Any ideas?

    Thanks for reading the wall of text and answering :)
  2. mikenike

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    Those "chops" won't work. The side cups of the 2000 won't fit under it.

    All you need for velcro is a large panel on the back for strobe/IR/LPBP/patch attachment, a small strip on the top, left side, and right side, and you're good to go for minimals. Anything else is just to look cool or if you REALLY need something there.

    For the rest, you can pick up one of their replica 3-Hole Norotos shrouds, a Surefire helmet light, and some patches. Maybe some goggle straps. Or you can just mod your goggles to attach to the velcro. If you want, here's a pic of me and my friend's helmet:

    (His is on top, mine is on bottom)

    Also, EBB keeps taking them up/down because of copyright issues from Ops-Core. I've seen them on the site, then down, then back up along with the new Multicam one, then back down, and so on.

  3. bobsicle

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    San Jose
    Ahaha loving that patch. It should be in the front or something.
    Aww damn those chops looked pretty interesting to me.
    Yeah, I just saw the ops-core helms back up on ebairsoft today lol. I may have to sell my mich and buy one as well as the chops. Otherwise, I shall go crazy.
    Well, that pretty much sums up all my questions! Well, just one more thing...
    How do you mod your goggles to attach to Velcro? Just sew some hook Velcro onto your goggle straps? Or rig some Velcro to your helmet?
  4. mikenike

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    1) Cut goggle straps to tight/loose enough length
    2) Sew velcro to one side of goggle straps
    3) Strap to helmet
    4) Flip back and forth when you need them or not
    5) Voila. MILSIMus-Maximus.
  5. Zoev

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    Get a helmet cover! they're dirt cheap (~$10)!
  6. bobsicle

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    San Jose
    I considered a cover, but then putting on rails and a nvg mount would require major surgery to aforementioned cover.
    So I guess for the time being, I'll grab some ARC rails with goggle strap retainers, lots of Velcro and patches, and maybe a nvg mount if I find a $20 bill on the ground.
    Thanks for the help guys! :D
  7. Charkzilla20

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    HERE YA GO!!!

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  8. bobsicle

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    San Jose
    Wait wut I don't even...

    If I did that to my helmet, my neck would snap. But for fun, let's see...

    -MICH 2000-$20
    -ARC Rails-$17
    -RIS rails on ARC rails-$15
    -Predator laser sighting system-$50 (DIY)
    -NVG mout-$20
    -Dummy PVS-14-$70
    -IR Strobe-$20
    -Cat eye bands-$3
    -EXTREME Velcro-$10

    Total: $275

    -one pissed-off mom
    -drooling airsofter chicks... And dudes ;)
    -neck brace
  9. johngol10

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    Camp Pendleton
    Nosuh, let me help you out there.

    -Crye Precision Airframe - $845
    -Crye Airframe Rails - $50
    -Crye Airframe Chops - $260
    -Airframe Helmet Cover - $50
    -Contour HD - $150
    -Princeton Tec MPLS - $40
    -Ops-Core VAS Shroud - $70
    -Wilcox L3G10 - $630
    -S&S V-Lite x2, S&S Manta - $350
    -PNVG's (Panoramic Night Vision) - Unknown

    Total: $2,445 Dorrah.

    Results, you ask?
    -One pissed-off wallet and bank
    -Drooling gearwhores, creeped out chicks.
    -Bragging rights
    -Owl vision :D

    That is all.
  10. bobsicle

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    San Jose
    I don't have near that much in my bank account... O.O
    But then again I'm 14 :).

    And I think you forgot the experimental nuclear reactor powering my NVGs.
  11. Zoev

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    Maybe find some old netting or window screen and dye it. Then use that as a make-shift helmet cover; similar to the ones the IDF uses with the "chef hat" look.