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    Tim Town
    So I am making a mil sim scenario for me and a large group of friends and am stumped on faction names. The basic storyline is that the US is in anarchy and a dozen or so warring factions have emerged. Two of them: one from Texas and another from Florida are battling over the South, and that is the war my mil sim events will focus on. I don't know what to name the factions, though. I will provide a brief description of each one

    Texas Faction
    - composed mostly of volunteers
    - very large
    - uses the "guns blazing" strategy
    - focused on taking over every city through the South until they reach the other faction's HQ in South Florida

    Florida Faction
    - composed mostly of mercenaries and ex-soldiers (so more skilled)
    - fairly large
    - focuses on strategy and moving slowly and methodically
    - focused on taking out important bases from the other faction and some strategic towns (does not take over every town)

    So those are the two factions I would like to create. If anyone has any ideas for faction names I'd love to hear them Thanks!

    - tim_the_bear
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    Lone Star Renegades for Texas would be my suggestion. Don't know about Florida

  3. tim_the_bear

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    Tim Town

    That's pretty good actually.
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    Maybe the Sunshine Soldiers? Not the most manly name but it works for Florida and all. Orlando Operators? Florida's Finest?