Introducing the DUMMY CORD DEAD RAG!!
ONLY $10 (plain red)
-$12 hit/skull decal
*Contact for custom designs
$5 flat rate shipping for USA, international is variable
accepting paypal or Venmo
-Veteran-owned business -

* These are handmade with limited stock. Please allow up to 7 days to produce depending on stock.

The ultimate dead rag is now available!!

- integrate steel grommet and DUMMY cord system means you can store your rag anywhere like a pocket or pouch but easily place it on your head for 360 view to prevent getting overshot. Never lose your deag Rag again because it is secured to your body by the DUMMY cord. It is much easier to stow than the EF pouch because you can use any pouch or pocket placed where you want it, but still get it to your head.

Key features
-includes 550 cord, carabiner, adhesive velcro, and self-retracting badge reel.

-Made of lightweight 40d ripstop nylon that compresses into tight places.

-Sewn-on center and place velcro to secure to helmet or hat.

-Red tip pull tap for quick access also simulates a tourniquet for added realism on your kit. The pull tap also has velcro for attaching.

-Weights are added to the corners to ensure the lightweight material drops down for 360 coverage.