MilSim Mini-Op:1/06/13 in Strasburg, VA

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    Multi-Mission MilSim Mini-Op
    Sunday, Jan 6, 2013
    Insanity Productions
    Strasburg, VA (at Skyline Paintball)

    Kick off the New Year and break in your new gear! We will be running multi-stage missions, continuous missions as well as short (30 – 45 minute) 'quick objective' missions throughout the day.

    The year is 2013 and:
    • We have Fallen Nova the Fiscal Cliff
    • The North Koreans have launched a *cough* “polar-orbiting earth observation satellite” (ballistic missile test)
    • Iran has been processing enriched uranium in violation of UN Security Council resolutions
    • Twinkies are no more
    • Lindsay Lohan was arrested again!

    These and other even more subtly horrific developments have fueled the prepper movement into a frenzy. An enclave of over 200 Doomsday Preppers have taken refuge in the town of Strasburg, VA and claim to have enough food, water and ammunition to last three years. The Strasburg Police Dept is outgunned and has asked the Governor for help. The Governor is sending the Virginia Defense Force to 'deal with' this problem. Negotiation is not an option....

    Entry: $15
    Over 18: full seal eye protection, ANSI z87.1 or better, soft lower face protection
    Under 18: Full coverage (paintball mask)
    ID required
    Bio BBs only (we'll have G&G for sale)
    Water and chargers will be available (both free)

    Safety brief at 0930 hrs
    Game start at 1000 hrs
    Game ends at 1600 hrs

    Starsburg, VA is 5 minutes from I81 and I66, with food available 5 minutes from the field.

    Drama free, INSANE good times!
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    Here's the map for this op. Comments are welcome.

    Missions in a day or two........


    Please start posting if you are coming and on what team you wish to be playing, so we can balance things out. Thanks.

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    FPS limit?
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    FPS limits:
    400 AEGs
    500 sniper (semi-auto or bolt action, 125' MED)

    HPA is included in the entry fee for this game

    There will be a model for Victoria Secrets if he can get a full body wax job in time.

    Here's a gridded map of the AO.

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    Here's the opening mission for this op:

    A weapons cache has been discovered in the Armory. The cache consists of several crates of weapons, and each crate requires two troops to carry it. You must take each crate to a designated location (that will be named on game day). Guard the crates there until the end of the mission when they will be moved back behind the lines.

    Don't let them get stolen!

    Mission success will be determined by the number of crates that remain at each team's designated 'safe' area at the end of the mission.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks to all of you guys that came out on Sunday. It was a pleasure to see such skillful players play with honor and aggression. Kudos to both teams on so many levels!

    Here's a link to some pix: Preppers January 2013/

    We'll be working hard on field improvements and 'tricky' missions over the next few weeks. Seeing talented players use the additional acreage gave us good ideas on how to proceed with developing the AO. Our goal is to make Skyline an airsoft venue that you just can't miss. Thanks for the input from all who were there; we'll incorporate some of your ideas immediately.

    Someone on the green team lent a speedloader to a tan player and he emailed us to help find the owner. Classy dude. Any info helps.

    We'll post up the next date as soon as we know it. Hope to get to the Cove this weekend!

    Thanks again

    Lee, Jaz & Bill