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    I have a lot of questions about their events like what I should pack and use in game any input from people who have attended any of their events would be greatly appreciated
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    What side are you on? Which event are you going to?
    Look at expected weather for that area. That will help decide what kit you need.
    Read the TACSOP. And then read it again. Most of your questions will be answered it that. Make sure you join the Facebook group to your assigned task force and platoon. More info can be found there

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    I've been to four of their events, and the biggest peice of advice I can offer is invest in a good sleeping system. Silk and base weight thermals, and high quality hiking boots. Like the Salomon X ultra mid GTX. I would suggest these things on whatever side you play.

    Also, you're going to want food and water for 40hrs. I make sure to buy MREs with the self-cooking element. A Jetboil is nice to have, but can take up space and time. An attack could come at any time, so having something that is quick to make and eat is best. Also, energy bars with high protein and Caleries, because you'll burn though those quick. And Electrolyte powder, because or reasons.