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    It soft milsim Tuesday. Need some ideas. It's a rather large sized area with large thick bushes that can conceal around 3 people safely, narrow and mid sized passageways and a few main ones. A few scalable hills and the main area is a dry riverbed which provides little cover from snipers but plenty of cover from ground forces. We will be playing with around 5 or 6 people. Can post pictures later on today.
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    I am not quite sure what you are asking, do you need some MilSim scenarios? You could try an attack and defend styled match where one team attempts to hold off the enemy. You could try a supply drop scenario where a specific team has to go out to get a heavy load or information and take it back to a specific point while defending themselves. Get creative, man. Or you could use google and find plenty of cool airsoft game ideas.

    Also, the beginning of your post was a bit confusing. Admins are pretty strict about using proper grammar.