Mixing camo???

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    I'm in a bit of a rut here. I've lost my woodland marpat upper BDU, and also my woodland M81 lower BDU. So, I was just wondering, could I wear a woodland marpat lower with an M81 upper? I know I'll look like a nub, but the only other camouflage I have is a ghillie "which doesn't work well in a small field" and some chocolate chip DCU, everything is green around, and tan just frankly won't work. The real question, I've heard camo only works when you use only one type, is this true? Or will the M81 marpat combo work fine? Thanks in advance.
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    Id wear the ghillie. But im also a sniper so thats what i prefer.
    Two similar types of camo should be fine, as long as your not wearing blue jeans so you dont stick out.
    In reality, theres no wrong way to play airsoft so do what you want, be comfertable, and have fun.

  3. Hartman96

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    From what I've heard that mixing camo actualy works better. The point of camo is to break up your out line, if you wear a uniform camo you have uniformity lol. With different camos you have a better break up.
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    As long as the two colors match the environment you play at it will be fine....for instance I play with multicam pants, tru spec multicam combat shirts, a tan chest rig, a OD green drop leg holster, and an assortment of tan and OD green pouches the different camos help breakup the image of a body in which helps you the user to blend in with the environment
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    Dude, if you're going to say something, use correct punctuation.

    Mixing camo looks awesome if you do it right. You might be able to pull off mixing M81 with woodland MARPAT since they are both meant for essentially the same environment. You might also be able to mix camos of the same pattern, but different environments. I know Robin-Hood mixes M81 bottoms with a DCU combat shirt, and that looks awesome.
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    Just calm down. He spelt one thing wrong that is no reason to get on his case. Now get on topic.

    OT: I see lots of people use different types
    Of camp together. As long as they have the same base color it should work. For example Multicam Jacket with a tan vest. But I would recommend staying away from using two camos that have more then one color that is noticebally very different. For example multicam and woodland
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    if its all you have to wear than who cares?
    wearing camo wont make you invisible, you may be green and brown, but your still a human outside of its natural environment
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    Enough. Keep it on topic or don't post.
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    What he said.

    It would work if the two camos you're mixing match the enviorment.
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    Well I have no BDU's, and I somehow manage.
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    Actually its very hard to mix camo and make it work really well. The change in pattern of camo can't be drastic or it will stick out. The marpat to M81 are both active camo but one being traditional and the other being digi can cause contrast in the camo. Plus the coloring isn't an exact match from one to the other. Things that contrast in nature tend to stick out.
    Also this will come down to what role you are playing on the field. If you are sniping you want to have matching camo.
    From what I have been taught/seen mixed camo makes a great TID (Target Identifier).
    That's not to say you can't rock it, If you don't feel comfortable wearing mixed camo don't because it will just be on your mind all game and distract you as a player. If you are fine with the idea then go for it.
  12. gunerforWP

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    Mixing camo makes it attract attention, so I wouldn't do it.
  13. Easy

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    It doesn't attract attention. I've worn Forest ATACS combat shirt, brown pants, and OD green vest with multicam pouches and I was able to hide and sneak up to other players without being seen. For just about anything in airsoft as long as what your wearing overall matches your environment you'll be fine.
  14. xc0n

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    Not trying to sound like an a** but this might not have been the camo working as much as the people not paying attention while playing. There is a difference between working camo and people with tunnel vision.

    But yes if you HAVE to mix camo its better to make it at least all match the same environment. Not saying it will work as well as matching camo but it will be better than desert, forest, arctic all meshed into one load out.
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  15. gunerforWP

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    If the camo's don't match they will attract attention.