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    Hey everyone! New member here and sorta new to airsoft too. Looking to purchase my first mock suppressor w/ metal flash hider (birdcage), so wanted to get an updated list of recommendations from you guys! I'm getting it purely for aesthetic reasons and I'm aware of laws/regulations where I live so pls do not chime in if you're gonna talk about that :p

    My criteria is smth relatively affordable, realistic (doesn't spin freely), KAC style although I'm also open to a simple smooth black style, and medium length. If it helps, I'm trying to fit it on this m4:

    Thanks for looking and appreciate all suggestions!

    EDIT: also the suppressors I am considering are:
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  2. peetjojo

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    San Francisco
    Just wanted to update the suppressors that I've narrowed down to and if any of you have experience to share please do!

    For KAC NT4 style QD, brands considering:
    1. Avengers
    2. Lancer Tactical
    2. 5KU
    3. Big Dragon
    4. DBoys

    Also considering a Madbull Gemtech G5 suppressor.
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    I thought 1 would go with that style of m4 nice I use that setup in arma3 on PC it looks cool so that's my 2pennies:D
    Link 39178
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    Haha nice! That's the m4 I have right now and similarly, trying to go for a loadout I used in Battlefield 3 for the m4 with a KAC suppressor. So hard to find a good one these days tho...might have to resort to the Avengers one on evike without markings. Worse part is that it freely spins based on the reviews.

    Anyone reading this with the slightest clue to any of the KAC suppressors I listed above, please please please post! Appreciate even the smallest help or detail