Mod on TM mp5 sd

Discussion in 'General Accessory Discussion' started by anmar06, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. anmar06

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    El Monte
    Have a tokyo marui mpa5sd that is a bit old and need to upgrade the fps it's shooting at 260 I need at least 60fps more and I want to upgrade internals any help!?!?
  2. schlabie

    schlabie New Member

    Put in a new spring, do some compression mods, diy mods, etc.

  3. deathmechanic

    deathmechanic Active Member

    The most standard mod that was ever done with TMs was dropping in a M120, metal bushings, and a metal spring guide. You might want to just drop in a m100 instead if you want only a small FPS increase.

    While you are in there I would correct AOE, reshim, regrease, the usual basic mods.

    If you are looking into heavier upgrading what performance are you looking for/desire?