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So my CRB is having feeding issues, where it will inconsistently feed and misfire with any type of magazine and any brand.

List of Upgrades/Parts:
• Rewired to deans, no fuse
• Lonex Non-Ported Cylinder and Lonex Double O-Ring Cylinder Head
• SHS Swiss Cheesed Piston and Super Shooter Ball Bearing Piston Head
• SHS Aluminum Air Nozzle
• Re-shimmed stock gears (18:1); replaced self shimming spring on spur gear with shims.
• G&P M140 Motor
• 11.1v 20c ASG LiPo
• 407mm Prometheus Barrel w/ Umbrella R-Hop Patch and M-nub
• ProWin and stock Krytac Hop-Up Units
• Flat hopped Krytac and Maple Leaf Buckings
• Stock Krytac and ASG Upgrade Tappet Plates

After doing thorough testing, I've identified potential problems, all of which have never ended up to be the case.

• Different mags all feed the same (PTS EPMs, VFC Steel Stamped GIs, KWA K120s, Ares Amoeba Midcaps, Krytac Hi-Cap, Lonex Flashmag)
• Issues still persisted after switching out a Maple Leaf bucking for a Krytac one; working on getting a stock bucking and nub setup.
• Both ProWin and Krytac hop-up units give same feeding issue
• 11.1v 20c LiPo created overspin, causing nozzle to not reset all the way back after firing. Using a 7.4v 25c LiPo solved the overspin issue, but feeding problems still persisted.
• Replaced stock tappet plate with ASG tappet plate, then switched back. Problems still persisted.

At this point, I've run out of possible problems to come up with that could be causing this feeding issue. My only last reasonable fix would be to install a BTC Spectre or Gate TITAN, but I want that to be a last possible resort. Any kind of help or opinions are greatly appreciated! I will answer any questions to the best of my abilities.

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It could be the nozzle. I've read that Krytac nozzles are slightly different than TM spec. I once had an issue with a Retro Arms nozzle in my AR where it wouldn't feed. It turned out that the RA nozzle was ~.3mm too long, so I sanded it down til it was just the right length. With an SHS you might not want to do that because their anodized, the RA was bare aluminum.

You can probably test to see if it's your nozzle by installing the GB shell with tappet and nozzle, pins, grip, buffer tube screw(so it's aligned properly) and mag release in the lower. Put a loaded mag in & push the hopup up against the gearbox. It could be difficult but try to move the tappet back and see if the nozzle allows a BB to feed. This is what I did with my SCAR when it wasn't feeding. Also Prommy makes "Krytac spec" nozzles and buckings.

Good build by the way!
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