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Modded Tokyo Marui SR16 AEG with case plus extras $350 OBO

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So I built up quite a complete kit as a teen but haven't used it in years and want to lose it all ezpz. Any offer considered.

The SR-16 has been modded over time and can easily go completely nuts with more volts and the Magpul body I never got around to installing. 30+ RPS is easily available with just a modest battery upgrade. It is partially painted green, but only on parts that are cake to remove and repaint (receiver untouched).

There’s also a ton of extras worth browsing..

Tokyo Marui Sr-16 (bought new)
-Clocked at 340 FPS 26 RPS

-Prometheus inner barrel
-Madbull one-piece outer barrel
-Systema Magnum motor
-Progressive spring
-Metal bushings
-Locking frame pins
-Full Deans wiring swap
-Angel hop-up
-Metal flash hider

-Basic reddot
-Rail Riser
-Custom Dimarzio 2point harness
-Folding Bipod
-Grip bipod

Extra Included Items
-Pretty much everything you’d need
-Awesome metal gun case
-Genuine Blackhawk low-profile harness
-Magpul PTS metal body & Magpul grip, new in box (needs modding to fit Marui RIS but workable)
-2 hicap mags
-10ish spring-fed (*silent) full-length mags
-Metal Dual-mag clamp
-6000ish .25 BBs
-2 Reloaders
-Paintball Barrel sock

$350 listed as baseline but the first decent offer gets it. Pictures upcoming.
Located in Philadelphia, PA
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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