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Modern Warfare 2: TF 141 Style HELP

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Ok, many of you may know that I am trying to find a cool, light, special forces type of style for airsoft. I have been unsuccessful in the past with gear, but I need help on this one style. I really need the help.

NOTE: I don't need ANY of the FOLLOWING

- Camo Pants
- Headset
- Vest
- Boots

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If anyone knows where I can get a Gray Pullover fleece for cheap price at a common store, PLEASE POST.
I also am looking for the type of helmet, possibly where to find an ACR airsoft gun, Goggles, and that's about it. Links are appreciated. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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old navy is were u can get a Gray Pullover fleece
I advise some oakley styled hard knuckled tan gloves, an OD MICH 2000, a balaclava, some Sun,Wind,Dust googles, you can find most of this stuff on weaponblender.
The Fleece shouldn't come with a hood. Just a zipper starting from the upper chest and to the top.
yeah i was gonna say try 5.11 tactical but its not common....the closest to an ACR you could get is a MAGPul Masada replica...they have it but I dont know where to find it....hope it helps!
google A&K massada and see if its available anywhere in the us but as far as i know you can only get them from asia based stores

A&K MASADA AEG (Tan, Licensed)
Still need more sites and advice, thank you.
A&K Masada can occasionally be found on ASGI, and the big Asian retailers all carry them (WGCShop, Ehobby etc), and they are licensed now.

You may want to wait for the Magpul Masada PTW that is coming out... it'll be more expensive but the A&K Masada's dimensions are off by a bit.
I don't know how much it will cost but this looks close to the real thing.
Look at the bottom of the page, hope this helps!
ACR, well my buddy has a SCAR, and well...we were getting all our gear together for the day's game, he trips on a root and falls on his SCAR, and seriously it looks like and ACR now
Golfisgood you are awesome. its perfect
I need something just like that, but off of a site with a price haha
You need to email them to reserve as the item is technically not out yet, and thanks for the compliments!
Is that website reliable?
Ebaybanned is one of the most reliable retailers from Asia.
EHobby and EBBanned are the top 3.
Here are some other fleeces that might work.
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