Modifications and attachments to a Mp5k auto, and a railed sidearm

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  1. jcfiddle12

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    Hey guys I'm wondering if there are any good attachments that can be placed on a Mp5k, and a holstered sidearm, thx for the help
  2. Batman

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    Well the mp5k already has a v-grip. They look good with c more style red dots, maybe an eotech xps or aimpoint t-1. You could also put on flashlights, lasers, or a peq box.There are few sidearms with rails on top, but some like the 1911 or glock have rail kits you can buy. For that I would recommend the same as above, something small.

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    Attachments depend on the user.
    When I run my as a primary, I attach a PEQ box with a high output battery and simple aimpoint optic, because I like the quicker trigger time and I actually use the optic.

    As a secondary, it's bare and naked, because it holsters easier, and I'm not focusing ALL my attention on the weapon and often I'm acquiring danger close targets so quickly adding optics would slow me down

    It all depends on you man. Laser, flashlight, red-dot... It's all up to you.
    If you're looking for ideas check out the PimpMyGun App or Image Google search "pimped out MP5k" or something along those lines.
  4. jcfiddle12

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    Oh thx for the help, I was hoping for some one to help me