Modifying m249 box mag

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    hello all,

    I have an A&K M249 MK46, and I've seen online people modifying the box mag to take lipo batteries instead the regular AA that it normally takes.

    Anyone have any ideas how to do it??

  2. BoogerMc

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    First of all, the motors in these boxmags are not designed to handle more than 3 or 4 volts, which is why they are powered by AA batteries (2 AAs = 3 volts); however, with a little tinkering it can be done because I have converted both my M249 and M60 boxmags to run off of Lipos and off the trigger, instead of the sound activation (on the M249).

    I just posted a tutorial on this in my Engineering thread, you'll need to read a few different posts for the complete picture, but the M60 tutorial starts in Post #114.

    Take a look through the thread, you may find some useful information. Hope this helps.
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  3. Raven1st

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    If you can find a large enough 1 cell lipo it can be done with a simple rewire.

    If you want it to be powered by the guns main battery, then you need to look at Boogers thread.