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    Hey guys, I was just wondering is there any DIY accuracy/ fps mods that I could do to my KWA Cqr mod 2, that don't require me to open up my gearbox? Any ideas? Thanks!
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    You could Teflon wrap the barrel, clean it of course, feel like there are others but can't think of them right now.


    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    Correct your airseal from your hopup. Either by Teflon wrapping it or the dental floss mod. That will help you get that 100% airseal which will make your shots more consistent.
  4. Echo-Zero

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    You could try building a flat hop, which will (if executed correctly) add monstrous increases to your range that will be almost as effective as an r-hop. Downside is that it doesn't like full auto too much.

    The above mention of adding a layer of something like teflon tape to your barrel is good advice. Electrical tape may work too depending on how much play there is. Anything that takes play out of the wobble between your inner and outer barrel, reduces wobble or shock in the hop-up unit, ect. will work. Try putting cut outs from note cards, paper of any kind, ect. between your hop arm and the unit to eliminate the play in your hop up.

    And as stated earlier, fix your compression...I personally use the trick of whipping your bucking in dental floss and trust me, it was ridiculously effective.
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    Also taping the outside of your inner barrel to have it snug with the outer, eliminates barrel shake if you have any.