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More kit for my PC

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I've been airsofting for awhile, mostly with friends, and now I've started going to short Mil-Sim events and whatnot, So I was wondering, what are some useful pieces of gear that I can add to my load-out that will serve me well? Some examples I guess would be Comms, or a first aid pouch / kit. I want to expand my load-out but I want to get stuff that's PRACTICAL, not just TACTICAL.
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I'll probably be back with more to say, but I do want to put in one thing about a med kit.

If you're just going to bring band-aids.....don't bother.

My med kit is for moderately serious injuries, anything else (small cuts, bumps, scrapes) I can live with. I've attended multiple events with the very real possibility of becoming seriously injured. God forbid something does happen, I want to make sure I can take care of it, or at least stop the bleeding, so I can wait for first response to get there.
I completely agree with the other guys as far as treating others- if you are not trained, you can often do more damage.
What I carry is for myself, and people who trust me should the need arise.
This would be for large cuts, gashes, stuff that actually hurts and should be treated. I am CPR certified :cool::D and have grown up knowing a lot about medical treatment and first aid, but I am by no means a doctor.

Med Kit (waterproof)
-Small bandaids (I know I said forget em but meh)
- Alchohol wipes (for sterilization)
- Sterile, sealed gauze pads (stops bleeding)
-tensor wrap (to apply pressure)
-Rubber gloves (disposable, sterile kind, use once, throw away)
-Antibacterial cream(I believe, I should check)
- Tweezers
-A decent amount of Hypafix (this stuff is great, if you don't know what it is, google it)

I always have a knife and flashlight on me.

TL;DR- I'm not a med expert, but I believe you should be able to help yourself if others can't. Take a first aid course if you can, it can't hurt anything. :)
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No hard feelings..? I think? I just want to clarify some things and also ask a few questions, since you obviously are far better suited at this.

I'm in Bold Thanks :p

These are directed to everyone in the thread, not specifically towards who I am quoting.

1) You don't need sterile gloves unless you're doing a major operation. Even then, sometimes you don't need them. Nitrile gloves are what you want, not rubber. Rubber/latex is a huge issue with allergies and not worth the risk of anaphylaxis. They can just be 'clean'.
They are nitrile gloves, that's all I've ever bought, but I don't really call them that...

2) Medical advice over the internet is a bad idea. Especially if you're just CLS or whatever the hell you have since there isn't any civilian counterpart.
Not trying to give any advice, just saying I personally think it's a good idea to carry a slightly more flushed out med kit, especially on 24hr events in old buildings.
3) Alcohol wipes don't sterilise. They clean. You don't want to use alcohol wipes to clean wounds anyways. If you want to clean a wound, you should be using clean water and irrigating it and then applying a dressing. IF you need to disinfect a wound, antibiotic ointments like neosporin and bacitracin are all you need. If you can't apply ointments because the wound is that huge, you shouldn't be self treating anyways.
Hold on, does isopropyl alcohol not sterilize wounds? Because that's all I've ever heard and used them for/seen them used for, by doctors as well.

4) When I attend events, I don't want anyone else to bring anything or try to treat anyone else. If you jump in because the internet taught you something and you try to tell me how to do what I do for a living, I'm gunna rip you a new one once I fix up my patient. Plain and simple.
Again, this stuff is for me, obviously someone who needs serious medical help should get it from a pro. I'm usually out on my own, and I have been injured before, where I have to treat myself. I'm not suggesting anyone untrained perform first aid on someone seriously hurt.

5) All anyone should bring is some of the following:
-Ibuprofen for when aches and pains and such
-Water. Lots of water.

To be honest, that's really all you should need. You can bring athletic tape and prewrap if you need it (should you know how to properly tape ankles) in case of sprained ankles. Other than that, that's all you should need. Your medical kit in bbwars is for yourself and yourself only. DOn't touch someone unless you're trained. The implications of treating someone else are serious.

6) At the guy giving medical advise, the above poster doesn't appear to have any sort of training or knowledge about medical stuff, so i'd just stop now. You're going to end up getting him into trouble (hence why i have reiterated a few things multiple times).

7) To the original poster, I reccomend you go get at least first aid and BLS certified. It's great knowledge to have and could save a life someday. If you want to go even further, become an EMT. The job is a blast!
How long did it take for you to get where you are? As far as schooling and I guess difficulty as well. I think it would be an interesting career!

Welp, that was quite a tangent.
Definitely no hard feelings. I'm just blunt, and always have been since I joined the forum. :p

Alcohol works to clean a wound, but it's not worth putting the patient through the pain at that point. Alcohol is used to kill a lot of pathogens prior to an injection, incision, etc. to avoid infection as much as possible since your body has commensual bacteria all over the skin. Debriding a wound with cool water at moderate pressure is enough IMHO. If I am risking infection that bad, they need to be put on antibiotics so alcohol is a moot point. The thing with alcohol is that it will cause your blood vessels to swell (vasodilate) so the bleeding will be harder to stop as well. In a pinch, sure alcohol if you dont have water.

It took 2.5 months of didactic training and 2 months of on the job training to get my certs in the military. I've been doing it for a couple years now, so I know way too much for my own good sometimes.
I'm sure Papayaland thanks you for your help in their trying times.

Thanks for letting me know, I didn't even think about the dilation with alcohol, though I'm not sure why. I've always used it and simply bared the pain.....sounds like I don't need to do that anymore :D
Ok lmao. Im not complaining, useful knowledge is useful
Sorry bout that :D

As for your orginal question, I would definitely add comm's, medical is up to you.
Depending on what PC or rig you're using, you may not need to add any pouches.
EDIT: Its a condor....I'm not good at this.

I use a 6094something with my radio tucked into the cummerbund pouch (built in). My radio is a Midland GTX something or other, nothing too fancy. I believe you can find them for around $100 for a pair, you can split the cost with a friend if you want. I recommend them as a good starter radio, they come with a whole kit (charger, car charger, earpieces, etc) and have very good range, even when in densely wooded areas.

I picked up a fairly large utility pouch at a sale, I use it for multiple items that don't really have designated pouches.
Med kit's in there, it's fairly small.
barrel cover (some fields require them)
Compass- I recommend finding your bearings before an event starts, so you have reference points for NSEW during the game.
extra glow sticks/chemlights- red and green for night games
Extra batteries if you need them

As for mags, Tacos are always great. I use a total of 5, I think. 4 for mags, one for a frag, another frag clips into a thingy I made ;) Tacos are great because they hold literally anything. You can use double-stackers for sidearm mags.
EDIT: I read your thing about what you have, nevermind (but still)

If you're sure you need a dump pouch, then go for it. I used one for a while but found it only got in the way and didn't really speed up anything. Keep it in mind.

If you don't have one already, I'd definitely look into a Thunder-B grenade. They come in handy at Milsim events a LOT

Hopefully I helped:confused::)
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