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More kit for my PC

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I've been airsofting for awhile, mostly with friends, and now I've started going to short Mil-Sim events and whatnot, So I was wondering, what are some useful pieces of gear that I can add to my load-out that will serve me well? Some examples I guess would be Comms, or a first aid pouch / kit. I want to expand my load-out but I want to get stuff that's PRACTICAL, not just TACTICAL.
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I tend to divide my gear into "safety", "fighting", "sustainment", and "event-specific".

Safety gear: Eye protection, mouth protection, helmet, kneepads, dead rag. I keep these the same for all games.

I also carry first aid gear, but this isn't the place to discuss that. Stick to what you're trained to use.

Fighting gear: Guns, mags, ammo, grenades. I keep these the same for all games.

Sustainment: Food, water, extra ammo+speedloader.

For short games when I'm playing right next to the staging area, I don't bother.

For games that run more than 45 minutes, I always have a hydration pack full of water.

For games where I'll be in the field for hours (until lunch), I add a ziplock of BB's and a speedloader.

For games that last all day, I add a sandwich (griller with Tobasco on a whole-grain bagel...protein, carbs, and indestructible).

All the sustainment gear goes in a backpack (Source Commander 5L); it's not something I'll access in a hurry.

I also have a disposable plastic poncho, though I've only used one twice.

If you have a heavy trigger finger, add a spare AEG battery.

Event-specific: Depending on what you're doing, you may want extra stuff.

If you're going to any kind of "op", have a FRS/GMRS radio. Even if you're going alone, check with your teammates and join whatever frequency they're on. If you're sneaky, add an earbud to your radio so it doesn't give you away.

For larger games, having a map is nice. Even if you know the field, being able to show your teammates the plan (on a map) can be helpful.

If the game has medic rules, have appropriate supplies. For AMS that means two ACE bandages; for MilSim West they have a special TQ; for Temple Airsoft that just means cut up strips of a any cloth. Read the event rules and follow them.

If the game has vehicles, add some anti-vehicle items if you have space/weight for them. Check the game rules to make sure what you're carrying is allowed.

If it's a night game, you may need chem lights or a red flashlight to signal when you're out. I'd highly recommend having a spare flashlight (I've hiked 3 miles in pitch black unfamiliar woods; it sucks).

Spare ziplock bags, duct or electrical tape, and radio batteries can all be handy.
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