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More kit for my PC

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I've been airsofting for awhile, mostly with friends, and now I've started going to short Mil-Sim events and whatnot, So I was wondering, what are some useful pieces of gear that I can add to my load-out that will serve me well? Some examples I guess would be Comms, or a first aid pouch / kit. I want to expand my load-out but I want to get stuff that's PRACTICAL, not just TACTICAL.
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What do you have already? What's your budget? What weapon system?
Im running an M4 platform as of now. All I have, apart from things that are just appearance, more or less (shemags, hats, etc), I have a Condor XPC, Admin Pouch at the top of my chest, x3 double stack m4 mag pouches, 3 Mags total, A tactical belt with x2 pistol mag pouches ( I plan to attach my holster and dump pouch to this once I get them) and that's pretty much it. My budget is not defined. I'd rather pay less for something that has similar or same functionality as something else, but depending on the gear in question, I may be more likely to dish out more for something extremely useful / important / high quality. I also like to keep a few tools on my rig, especially for mil-sim type events. A few months ago, I was using a JG AK tactical with 1 hicap that I put in a double m4 mag pouch. I used to use the second mag pouch loaded up with various small tools, but now I need my mag pouches for mags :D. as of now, I have nothing to really store the tools in.
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Pick up a hydration pack+bladder, for sure.
duly noted. when I'm doing 24 hour games out in the woods, dehydration can be a *** kicker, i dunno why I didnt think of a hydro carrier. thanks for that one
Call it a polite hijacking. Less box cutters and more generally helpful knowledge.
Yes. It's still kind of pertinent, though.
Ok lmao. Im not complaining, useful knowledge is useful
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