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    I have been reading and watching videos about various tune ups that can and should be done with an airsoft gun. One of these tune ups is a motor height adjustment. The video that I watched (linked at bottom) outlined raising and lowering the motor to essentially tune the gun to a specific sound and eliminate a "whining" sound.

    My question is this. What exactly is the point of this tune up? It it simply an audio tune or does it allow the gun to function more efficiently? Does it increase the longevity of your gears and gear box?

    Any insight into this question would be appreciated.

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    It allows the pinion and the bevel to make the most contact possible. If your motor is whining, it could be to low (not enough contact.) So, therefore, you increase the height to increase teeth contact; which gets rid of the whining sound. If you don't have enough, or to much contact, you can strip gears.

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    Behind you
    I believe that it will ruin your gears, especially the Pinion and bevel gears.

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    Edit #2: If it's whining, isn't it too high?
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    The point of it is to make the pinion gear get full contact with the bevel gear therefore getting rid of the whining sound. If there is not enough contact from the pinion to the bevel, you risk stripping your gears.
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    Ok guys thanks for the help. I got my gun sounding much less like an angry cat and much more like a bad *** machine.