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    Hello, I am somewhat new to the airsoft. A few years ago I purchased an Avengers M4 Carbine bundled in a starter kit on Evike. I used the gun for a couple of target practice, but stopped. It has not been until now my interest in airsoft has resurfaced.

    A week ago my M4 stopped shooting, I was able to fix it by reconnecting a a loose wire to the motor in the pistol grip. Unfortunately, the motor screw adjustment screw on the motor heat sink fell off. I have been having trouble trying to reattach it. Not sure if that part is broken and if I should replace it. Since I am very inexperienced with airsoft, I would like a second opinion about my issue.

    It would be appreciated if someone would help. Thank you very much.

    Sorry for the low quality pictures.
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    Wow...really...that was in your "Avengers" AEG? Not a good thing...

    I am surmising, due to lack of light that you square nut threads into the set screw.

    Make sure that is not stripped.

    Seat the set screw to the nut and flush it. Put the in the lower grip plate and have the nut on the inside.

    So...drop the motor in.
    Put the round disc onto of the base of the motor. Push it together and then screw it down.
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    Thanks for the help! I was able to fix the motor heat sink and adjust the motor.