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Hey guys I got a shs ht motor from this company when I bought a jg blue. Which one is better for rof and trigger response? its for a dsg running a m160. Thanks
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They are about the same,
some say JG Blue is better but they have changed them plus there is a similar looking ferrite version - maybe not with blue top but a ferrite high power one does exist.
SHS are pretty decent and they have fuller or stronger magnets inside:

SHS TORQUE is on left
JG BLUE is on right - note how the magnets taper at top/bottom which may not provide a fully strong magnetic field at these points....

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Ok so just keep the shs even if the jg has the neodymium magnets?
They are both neodym motors

armature in JG might be a higher tpa
but shs is more balanced imho
yes you might be using a m150 spring but only pulling it back say 60-65% with spacer maybe so the only really stress in from standstill

both will do but SHS will be fine turning that over
Yeah I meant that as in I've heard some websites are selling "jg blue" motors but they have farrite magnets
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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