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    Unfortunately it's time to let my little dust collectors have some fun in some new hands and move on to other hobbies. I have a few guns and a bit of gear up for grabs, nothing particularly spectacular, but would make decent entry guns or backups. Everything will be described to the best of my ability and feel free to ask questions!

    1. CYBERGUN FAMAS F1 $130- This is prior to the EVO version, so sorry no mosfet and yes, it is a very squeaky boi. Runs great in auto, works 99% of the time in semi but will sometimes have to swap to auto shoot and switch back. Comes with 3 mags (two mids, one high), RGB sight, short barrel adapter, mock suppressor, green laser, and stubby foregrip. (Not pictured) Will also come with 9.6v Valken battery original barrel, flash hider, and trigger guard. Body in fair condition (even new these things squeaked like hell lol), sorry if you hate the paint, but it can always be painted over.

    2. M203 $85- Minor scuffs but fully functional. Comes with three shells and some oring kits. Matrix self reseting, G&P Long Range, and quite honestly I can't remember the brand of the silver one. All work great and hold gas. FAMAS1.jpg FAMAS2.jpg
    3. ICS BUSHMASTER CARBON 15 $120- Works great, body looks pristine. Comes with 6 mags (2 mids, 4 high), RDS, rail covers, angled grip, mock suppressor, and original flash hider. Battery is included, but replacement recommended. IMG_20200514_182413.jpg IMG_20200514_182434.jpg 4. CYMA AK47 BETA $60- Only fires in auto. Body is in good shape. Comes with 3 mags. (2 mids, 1 high) Original box included. Battery included but replacement recommended. IMG_20200514_183007.jpg
    5. CYMA M14 $130- Functions flawlessly. Body in great shape, however some pin must've dropped at some point allowing the plate at the front to wiggle around, hence the rope to hold it. Purely cosmetic, but still a bit annoying. Comes with 2 mags (1 mid, 1 high), rail adapter, scope, sling, 9.6v battery and original packing. IMG_20200514_183514.jpg
    6. WE 1911 $75 - Just your basic 1911. Functions ok, but the slide lock occasionally pops up depending on how you are gripping it. Fair condition. Was originally black, but paint stripped. The grips are clear and can have any picture you want put behind them so you aren't stuck with the drawings on it. Will also come with the original brown grips and a hard shell holster. 4 mags (2 good, 2 leak) IMG_20200514_180914.jpg IMG_20200514_180937.jpg
    7. ASG DAN WESSON 715 $80- Excellent condition. This is the low power CQB version so it's indoor friendly. Comes with 2 speed loaders, bandolier, side holster, laser, rail, original packing, and 36 shells. (Maybe more if I find some digging through my gear later on) IMG_20200514_180958.jpg
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    Might be interested in the FAMAS depending on the price.

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    Is that revolver still for sale?