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MSG90A1 based on the VFC PSG1.I built this because I wanted one for my HK collection.RS MSG90 stock with HK21 buttpad added to make it into an A1.HK G3 SEF navy lower.HK G3 iron sight base with HK 1200m diopter rear sight.Midwest Firearms G3 extended scope mount base with the right center claw and mount removed for silent decocker clearance.TM PSG1 scope and unknown scope mount,making this one swtup as a modern MSG90A1 for night vision equipment.G3 front sight triple frame with the bottom portion removed,and the central cocking tube portion reamed for fitment.HK G3 paddle mag release and bushing.Unknown brand Harris style bipod.Mechanically the rifle is stock right down to the bucking because it needs zero upgrades.Only thing I've done to it is polish the bolt,and crosshatch the bolta nozzle well.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts