Cyma based 6mm pro shop mp5k - needs some love gun functions fine but the wiring is a pita to work with. Includes two mags $115 shipped

Elite Force mp5 sd6 - like new condition other than the charging handle being broken. Doesn't effect how the gun works. Includes two mags. $115 shipped

G&g arp9 - missing battery cover. Inferno gen 2 HPA engine and Prowin hopup with angel customs barrel. 1 mid cap and 1 high cap - $415 shipped

Classic Army x9 nemesis with 7 mid caps. Gun works great, no issues. Impressive range for a little pdw $240 shipped. Does not include optics shown.

Ssg10 - don't know much about it. Bought it from someone local. Fps is low 400's, plan was to swap a spring before I tried to field it but never got around to it. Shot a couple mags through it from my garage, shoots fine.$215 shipped. Does not include scope