My dmr build- start

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  1. commando5184

    commando5184 New Member

    1HR north of philly
    I want an aeg that has a(n):

    Good gearbox not touching it until way later
    Upgradable easily
    Good stock range
    Tight bore barrels need to be availible
    Under 150$
    Under 400fps

    This is a journal from the beginning, that is why it is not in the what gun I should get section.
    And how about this
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  2. alex

    alex New Member

    that's not a DMR build...

    get yourself a normal M4 while you build your DMR.
    start with looking at what body style you want and then purchase that body at a swap meet or used online. depending on that body style, purchase a used gearbox. JG will be nice.
    you will have two options: use torque gears or stock gears (i'm not a fan of using speed gears for DMR's because of the high amp loads). either choice, you will need a torque neodymium motor (i prefer JG's).

    requirements: mosfet + 16 awg wiring + deans/xt60, AOE correction, gearbox radiusing, metal teeth piston (keep the bearings), solid metal spring guide and air sealing mods/upgrades.

    note your cylinder/barrel length matching and select which bb weight you will be using. decide which hopup mod you want to use and stabilize the inner/outer barrel.

    i prefer stock brass barrel, but it's your choice on upgrade parts. it's advantageous to set your fps to the field's maximum limit (usually 550 fps, semi-auto).

    after your DMR is built, your m4 will be the secondary.

  3. commando5184

    commando5184 New Member

    1HR north of philly
    I want a base gun to work with, this is my first build on any scale.
  4. mockingshot

    mockingshot New Member

    Cyma M14. I would suggest a JG M16 long barreled of some sort. Then read all the other thousands of DMR build pages and go from that.

    Edit: didn't recognize you alex
  5. deathmechanic

    deathmechanic Active Member

    CYMAs M14s aren't a 100% TM spec. So bad choice.
  6. commando5184

    commando5184 New Member

    1HR north of philly
    So what would you recommend, and I don't mind I'd it's tm specs, all I'm doing is a 6.03 tight bore and a new, better hop up
  7. alex

    alex New Member

    i'm going full DSG on the next person that is adding a TBB and Hopup to their AEG and calling it a DMR... ";^P
  8. commando5184

    commando5184 New Member

    1HR north of philly
    I was rushed for a response, a new spring, shimming and other mods to the gearbox, and a nice scope.

    Shim gearbox
    New spring
    Other external stuff
    Tbb 6.03
    .28 or .25 bbs
  9. Archer627

    Archer627 Active Member

    A good gun for a DMR setup you say? Try a DBOYS M16 variant. The gears will be good along with the gearbox shell (the shell is pretty tough). The newer guns actually have a decent finish from what I've heard.

    Cyma m14= no go IMO. I don't like the one I have. It's so off spec I threw it across the room, stomped on it and proceeded to beat it with a sledgehammer. True story. ;) I don't like it when stuff is offspec. It makes my work more difficult. Lol. Not to mention to the TM style hop up doesn't allow for ER hops with EXTENSIVE modifications.

    CA SR25! EV2 Awesomeness right there. Find one used though:). Probably out of your budget, but I had to put this on this list anyways.

    KS/JG P90. It's a PDW but you could do what Alex did to his;). Ask him about it. Plus the gearboxes are v6s if I remember right. Super easy to work on.

    Last but not least we get to a rather weird looking gun. The AUG. The bullpup design makes the barrel pretty long, but still compact. V3 gearbox so it should be pretty strong. V3 an alright gearbox to work on, but you better know what your doing. JG or a CA AUG will fit your needs (The CA is listed only because it has superior externals plus no external parts a really needed besides a scope and bipod.)