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    Selling my entire collection of used airsoft parts/accessories. Most of the stuff has not been used much, if at all, in an actual game; it’s more likely to have been used in a plinking environment. Just selling all of this stuff because I would like to get out of airsoft to have more money to put into real steel stuff. Unless otherwise noted, all AEGs will ship with a battery. If you buy a gun, I will include all the mags that I have. I will pay for shipping if you buy 3 or more items.I will also pay for shipping if you buy any of the guns. Paypal/Venmo accepted. Firm on prices, but am willing to negotiate a little..IF INTERESTED PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected]. PLEASE DO NOT PRIVATE MESSAGE ME. Pictures at this link:

    AEG stuff

    5x midcap P90 mags-$15 each.

    6x highcap M4 mags-$10 each.

    6x max midcap M4 mags-$15 each.

    2x Thompson M1A1 Highcap Mags-$10 each

    1x U.M.P Highcap mag-$10

    Umarex M1A1 Thompson AEG-$100. This gun is completely stock however it still works quite well. No battery, wired to large Tamiya.

    Umarex U.M.P. .45 AEG-$150. Fully functional AEG. Comes with a MERF 3.2 MOSFET, and up-graded neodymium magnet motor (ZCI?). Will also include 1x highcaps and a 11.1V Lipo, wired to deans. I am selling this thing so cheap because it looks so weird.

    GBB Pistol stuff


    Willing to part this off.

    Airsoft Masterpiece STI DVC Slide-$60. Again, selling this so cheap because it looks so weird, but otherwise it is in great shape. This is a 5.1 length slide.

    UAC Helical-Fluted Stainless Steel Outer Barrel-$60. A few minor surface scratches. 5.1 length

    Madbull 6.03 mm Tightbore Inner Barrel-$15. 5.1 length

    Maple Leaf Monster 60 degree bucking-$15.

    UAC Aluminum nozzle-$45.

    Airsoft Masterpiece Nozzle-$15

    UAC Lightweight BBU-$60.

    AIP Fiber Optic sight set-$30

    AIP frame hammer blocker thing-$10. Not sure what to call this thing but it is one of the pieces that screws into the rear of the slide to stop the hammer from impacting on the slide and frame.

    AIP 140% Recoil Spring-$10.

    Airsoft Masterpiece Stainless Steel 5.1 length Guide Rod-$20.

    Airsoft Masterpiece STI DVC Advanced Frame-$150. This thing is in perfect functioning order, however, aesthetically some of the paint has chipped away. And, this is a 5.1 length frame, by the way. Missing the thumb safety detent.

    Airsoft Masterpiece stainless steel STI DVC hammer and hammer strut-$30

    Internal parts- $110. I will only sell these parts as a set I am not interested in parting off. These are all Airsoft Masterpiece steel parts.

    UAC Leaf Spring-$30

    Nine Ball Grip-$30. Missing the screw to attach the grip to the frame.

    AIP Extended mag release-$20

    Airsoft Masterpiece STI DVC Stainless Steel thumb safety-$30

    Airsoft Masterpiece STI DVC Stainless Steel grip safety-$30

    WIll sell all Hicapa parts for $600 shipped. More pictures available upon request.

    1911 parts-$40-Stock WE, 1 mag

    FNX .45 ($130)- This pistol is entirely stock, and I will include one mag ($15). The only special with this pistol is that I have the RMR adaptor ($15) for it along with an unmarked RMR ($30). Am willing to sell these separately or will bundle them for $150.

    WE Big Bird (P99)-$60- Missing the rear sight. This pistol is in very good functioning order. I am selling it so cheap because of the weird looking undercut on the frame. I have on emag for this, which I will include.

    Misc. Airsoft stuff

    8x pistol mag sized speed loaders-$5 each

    ????x Elite force .20g BBs-$15

    ????x Elite force .25g BBs-$15

    I also have a box of spare and miscellaneous GBB parts that I will sell for $100
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    Got any pictures of the fnx45?
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