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Current scope mounted is the CV-Life 3-40 R4. Got it off Amazon for about 30 bucks, so far very good loving everything about this gun. I soon plan to mount a vertical grip, flashlight, & laser. Super excited!

Let me hear your guys' personal thoughts on this rifle and any reviews some of you may have of it! Cheers 馃 馃榿

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Mount the flip up front sight backwards on the bottom rail to make it a flip down barricade brace / stubby vertical grip :sneaky:

I can tell you're already hooked lol, but get out there and have some fun before you invest in any more attachments - it's oh so easy to spend $$$$ on things that look awesome but have minimal (or negative) impact on your performance in the field. Pay attention to what other folks are doing, how their guns are set up at the local field when you go - this is a good trick as it'll give you an idea what 'works' in the environment you're about to enter, gives you a reference point when putting your kit together.

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Unfortunately the ASL has a very bad track record. Let's hop yours is not the norm for this model.

Last year TCA ran these AEG's as rentals and 60% of them were down within 5 weeks...that was out of 60 AEG's. Valken blew the field off and wouldn't offer warranty service due to them being used as "rentals" not that they had any parts to fix the issues.

Polymer Selector - Weak structure...strips easily.
A few had bad motor adjustment and were too high/ight, thus they screeched abnormally.
Several had torn hop-up packing/rubbers/bucking
One had a bad motor.
Seven stripped their bevel gears

As rm105 mentioned above...don't accessorize at this may need to address issues...

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Bevel gears stripping and packings ripping probably was from jams from inexperienced players. People turn the hop all the way up, rip the packing then pme the gun stressing the drive train.

Rentals are just abused so bad.

Just take care of it and it should run for awhile.

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I have experience with this exact rifle, owned by a friend. Aside from the motor, it's fairly solid.

Unfortunately the motor is so weak you can spin the pinion like a top, and they pair it with 22:1 gears, which are quite slow. This leads to horrible trigger response and sound.

The barrel is aluminum, and holds the accuracy back, but i flathopped the stock rubber, which was nice and soft, providing good airseal, and it shoots amazingly well for the amount of work.

i switched the motor to a Krytac 30K I had lying around and changed the gear ratio to 18:1. The stock gears are actually decent and were shimmed perfectly, but JUST SO SLOW. Since I wasn't adding a high-speed motor, as this was a budget rebuild, the gears needed to go.

Bushings are really nice actually.

Piston is FMR and very sturdy.

cylinder and cylinder head were aluminum and sealed nicely.

piston head sealed nicely.

I replaced the nozzle since my buddy's was worn for some reason. This was actually the only internal part with any wear on it.

gearbox shell is almost identical to a G&G EBB shell--no gripes.

Hop unit was fine.

Trigger unit got finicky after a while. i replaced the trolley with a Krytac spare and it works great.

Overall, the motor is what holds this back. For the price, Arcturus is far superior. Actually, i even like those $100 Cyma M4s better, since those will do 20 RPS on an 11.1v and sound pretty nice while doing it.

Aside from motor and barrel, I'd keep it stock.

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The best way to learn your play style is to talk to other players at you local airsoft fields and find your favorite load out and maybe try some rental if your field offers them and see what your favorite type of platform is
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