My First Time Opening a Gearbox (VFC avalon gen 2)

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    No they only OEM AK's...the other guns are getting exported under the SAVIA license, which is part of CYMA's divisional umbrella. Having been at the CYMA factory...all their tooling is for AK's...the other stuff like pump shotguns and V2 variants are from "another" factory.

    It's like SCION Cars...sold and exported under the Toyota Moniker, but they are really Daihatsu's and not a "Toyota".
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    Daihatsu is owned by Toyota.. and the last Scion I jump-started sure looked like a Toyota under the hood.. So are you saying that a division Cyma makes the MP5's?

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    "Division" is a loose term...but yes.
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    So I successfully retapped threads on the Avalon gearbox. Transplanted everything back into the avalon gearbox, swapped back to original avalon trigger contact assembly and did a slight mod to the lip on the trigger trolley that is met by the cutoff lever. basically just sanded the underside a tad and gave it curved upward slope so the COL no longer hits the front of the lip, and in case it does, it can still slide underneath and work as normal. The gun is functioning phenomenally with better air seal, presumably because of the Lonex cylinder head. Gained about .11 joules on a .28g BB. I think a normal person would be really upset about how much time and money they've wasted to find themselves back to this point, but I honestly learned a lot and got some good experience trying to isolate issues among the other various tips you guys have given me, and getting past the dread of disassembling and reassembling the gearbox hundreds of times.
    If you'd like to follow my endeavors more incrementally you can check me out on Instagram I'll have a YouTube channel coming soon as well. Feel free to leave whatever feedback you guys find necessary as I am always open to criticism. No one is perfect and I am very new here.
    Thanks again.
    P.S. I'm having some wonderful troubles with the new CYMA Platinum M4 sooooo check out my new WIP thread I will be posting shortly :D
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