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    AIRSOFT My lil’ friend special- gas WE TECH M16a1 vn + 4 m203 launchers – HEAVILY USED - Los Angeles, CA

    $300 + paypal / shipping

    Or pickup if you’re in the area

    No refunds

    Tons of airsoft grenade launchers + a WE tech M16A1 VN. The m16 NEEDS A FULL REPLACEMENT BOLT- the current one is deformed and the nozzle gets stuck in it. I’ve included a hopup adjust stick in the back buttplate chamber.

    For those who don’t know: airsoft m203 shells are ‘reset’ by pushing the ‘firing cap’ all the way into the grenade:

    3 of the madbull king shower 204 grenades work (they shoot 200 bbs w/ co2!), but are very worn out and need to be reset between each shot by unscrewing the back cap somewhat. The 4th madbull is broken, missing a ball bearing. The rubber cap grenades should be working.

    All three ASG 90 round m203 grenades work, but the one with the black cap needs to be unscrewed a little to reset.

    Other than the broken bolt the m16 is highly customized and upgraded. It has a widebore barrel (delta strike, converted for gas guns) and a maple leaf autoboots bucking.

    The airsoft innovations tornado timed grenades are totally broken, but the Cyclone impact grenades are fully functional. One of them is missing its spoon/pin but I carry it around in a pouch. The cyclone grenades are impact-trigged, which is much better than timed in my opinion.

    $70 x2 hard cases

    $25 1 xtra gas nozzle (working)

    $0 1 xtra gas nozzle (broken)

    $10 Aug flash hider

    $0 Original heat shield handguard

    $10 Autobots bucking

    $55 Widebore 500mm delta strike 6.20mm barrel

    $330 We tech m16

    $128 4x 20 round we tech mags

    $99 1 x 80 round we tech gas mag

    $38 1 x 30 round gas mag

    $159 G&P scarface m203 launcher- modified to fit WE-tech m16

    $300 4x madbull king shower co2 m203 shells

    $120 3x ASG 90 round green gas m203 grenades (pour bbs in and seal w/ red rubber cap)

    $50 100 ASG grenade rubber caps

    $110 Echo 1 m203

    $105 Ics m203 for ris rails

    $120 Madbull m203 for ris rails (modified to accept madbull king

    $200 2 broken tornado timed grenades

    $135 3 working cyclone grenades

    $30 1 3-9x40 scope w/ m16 mount

    $150 2 Madbull co2 chargers (black one stuck in the “full pressure” setting)


    My price: $300

    31 copy.jpg
    33 copy.jpg
    35 copy.jpg
    34 copy.jpg
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    Your asking price is great imo, but you might wanna double-check the individual prices you listed for some of those... A used item is only worth 70% of it's retail price max(barring being rare, limited edition, etc.), and a used item with broken or missing parts is only worth 50% of it's retail price max. That, and widebores aren't a good thing... Especially in GBBR's where you have limited gas lol. Other than that, asking price seems pretty good, so free bump!
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    Thanks man!!!

    The widebore was for two reasons: the gun was shooting over 400 and the shots had an inaccurate spread in full auto. I supposed that the cycling and movement of the gun was throwing off the shots and decided to experiment with widebores to see if I could insulate the bbs travel from vibrations etc. It brought the fps to 350 and provided moderate improvements in hop consistency during full auto though truth be told, I do normally just use it in semi auto anyway.
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    Actually, that makes perfect sense. Typically people use widebores due to some myth about them being more accurate due to a cushion of air, but in the case of fps reduction and reducing how much the recoil affects the BBs, that is a simple way to solve both issues. Smart.
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    What do you consider widebore?
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    This wide -> <-
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    Standard bore is 6.04-6.08 from what I've seen. Many widebores are around 6.23mm.
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