My loadout.

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    I havent bought this yet, but i just wanted to get peoples opinion on my future loadout, and if i should change anything. Here are the guns:
    1. Cyma ak47 028CAW
    2. HFC gbb mac 11
    1. Nc star red dot sight
    2. Diamond tactical bungee sling
    3.zan headgear neoprene full face mask ACU

    Free stuff:
    Since im buying from airsoft megastore, i will be getting one of the guns from the free promo offer. I know they're cheap, but U would be using it as a prop. Which one should I get: DE spring mp40, or like a DE, dboys (something like that) spring full size mp7 smg?
    If anyone has a suggestion, for my loadout, like changing something or getting something else, please leave one!
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    The link doesn't work. Link the gun not the shopping cart.

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    I'm not sure HFC is a really trustworthy manufacture for GBBs. Other than that, it seems pretty good. Are you gonna plan on getting any extra mags or anything? They will come useful.
  4. BwKoolG3y

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    Yah, i might buy one or 2.

    Yes i realized about the link. The app on ny ipod doesnt let me go in and out of the app, without it completly closing, so i cant copy and paste links.
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