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    Hey AS,

    So, I am currently working on a project gun. A friend(?) ripped me of in a trade, and I got his junk UTG 5th gen M14. I have had it for a year, on my work shelf, letting it collect dust, and be nothing more but a pathetic, large, black splotch of despair and hopelessness. Until, one day, I decided to take it apart. It was long, it was tough, it was tiresome, it was almost as bad as Hell Week, until I unlocked the puzzle and took it apart! I may have, in the process of looking things over and my eager curiosity, taken apart the entire gearbox, every last peice, and destroyed the hopup several times. BUT, I am not wanting. For, you see, the gearbox is GARBAGE. The cylinder head o-ring was peeking up from betwixt cylinder head and cylinder. Not a good sign. The inside of the box was covered, nay, filled, with dark, nasty grease and too much lube. The rancid smell and hideous over abundance of plastic parts is what put Kurt Cobain to rest (God rest his soul). Plastic air nozzle, spring guide, and many more to name, were a saddening epitaph to an altogether beautiful, and promising, life.
    But NAY I SAY. IT SHALL NOT BE! For I shall give it new life, in the plain and simple essence of the CYMA god! And it shall be good! And with that, I replaced the brass barrel with Madbull's BLACK ADDE.....PYTHON (590mm 6.03) and brought about the happy life of a young Madbull fishbone hopup family.
    With barrel set fixed, and plans for the CYMA god to be delivered near or around Christmas, I have decided to ask around and see what suggestions you folks would have for upgrades and enhancements.
    Should I get an r-hop, or will a tuned hopup work just as well for now?
    What will the fps increase look like in a 6.03 barrel, 400 stock fps gearbox, as well as compression upgrades? Just some rough estimates. I estimate roughly 500-550 fps, roughly.
    What kind of gear set, if any, would I need? What motor, for that matter?
    What weight bb would you recommend to a grasshopper such as myself? I was thinking 36's, but am open to suggestions.
    Would a bipod be a wise investment?
    Also, what would a reasonable scope be? I have one picked out already, but I just want some external input.
    I am considering painting it, since it is all black, but am waiting for good weather, and some ideas. I'm not even sure it needs it.
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