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    KWA-SR10 AEG
    Lipoly Battery
    Magpul MOE Stock
    Magpul AFG
    Magpul Trigger Guard
    BUIS Front and Rear
    Holographic Sight (Replica)
    1 Point Tactical Sling

    Tokyo Maru Baretta M9 GBB
    Price Strap (Retention device)
    ^Funny story why we call it a Price strap^

    Tactical Rifle Case


    Here is my uniform closet I have all my stuff in
    USAF Blues
    USAF ABU's
    USAF "Greens"
    USAF BDU's
    USAF FLight Suit
    2 Vests
    -1 Tactical Fanny pack chest rig
    -1 Fighter Pilot Survival Vest
    Urban Digital ACU's
    Dump Pouch
    (In Top)
    Random stuff for my Real Steel Rifles
    Blues Jump Boots
    Voodoo Tactical Gloves
    Oakley Assault Gloves
    *ton of other stuff*

    Other stuff I have just not in my dorm room
    Ops-Core FAST Helmet
    CIRAS Plate Carrier
    thats all for now folks, more stuff coming soon!
    Any questions just ask!

    Hope yall enojoyed this altho I understand there isn't much here.

    I plan on making some Impressions with some of the gear that I have and plenty more gear being added soon. Any tips or ideas just toss them in the air.
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    If you're actually USAF, why not do a PJ's impression? Unless of course, you're trying to stray away from that idea, in which case, don't do it.

  3. The_1911_Fantic

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    Baton Rouge
    Mabey he isn't into impressions, some people just aren't. Plus, impressions are not cheap and he may not want to spend the cash on it.
  4. ryanmx97

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    I put some thought into it. About PJ or CCT Impression and I work with PJ's on a common basis due to my job. So I have quite the knowledge on their Kits but their kits are mission/location dependent, Their kits are constantly changing so I'll have to find a mission / location specific kit to do an impression of
  5. ryanmx97

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    Ok, In the process of planning and googling around different Airsoft Forums I've seen a few threads about people creating or wanting to Create a Load-out for the J's (J's Refer to PJ's and T's Refer to CCT's.. AF Lingo I'll be throwing around) but I haven't seen proof or pictures of anyone following through with this load out.

    Understanding this is a lot of money and some may very well be doing the load-out and just aren't complete yet. The pictures people have provided about their load outs are very far from a PJ Impression. If any of you have pictures of a goof J Impression then post them up here if you don't mind.

    Yes I'm In the AF and yes I've been Issued some cool things that I could use in my Kits but I'm not going to abuse the gear i've been issued to portray any character. I'll be purchasing every piece of equipment just like each and every one of you.

    As I finish planning out my Kit I'll post it on here. Feel Free to chime in with your knowledge and constructive criticism, I'll be posting Pictures as I go along with this kit.

    Projected date of completion will be around end of February beginning of March. This will be as realistic as all possible and I hope you guys enjoy this Kit build as much as I am.

    Thanks in advance for any help provided,
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