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    Hey everyone!
    Im going to show off my JG BAR-10! Im going to start off saying I had TONS of help from various members on these forums and help from others on a diffrent forum. I cant thank everyone who has helped me enough! I also had some help from local friends to do some of the custom work. I dont feel like I give this rifle justice by calling it a JG BAR-10, enough work has been put into to call it a VSR-10 in my opinion. Theres just a few more things that I want to add onto this rifle to make it even better, but heres what I currently have.

    -JG BAR 10
    -PDI 6.01 inner barrel
    -LL Z-Trigger
    -LL 90 deg piston
    -LL Spring Guide
    -Element M145 Spring
    -Polar Star Cylinder Head
    -Nineball Purple Bucking
    -Custom Outer Barrel
    -Custom TDC Hop-Up
    -Custom cut hop-up arm

    Im shooting a man-sized target easily at 300-350ft w/0.28 bbs and minimum hopup. I have 0.4g & 0.36g bbs on order. I havent calculated exact groupings at "X" distance with "Y" weight bbs yet, but that is coming soon. Each of my shots seem to be very consistent, I havent had any "fliers" out of the 50 shots I was testing with.
    The FPS is roughly 550-570 w/0.2g bbs, closer to 500 w/0.4g bbs. The Element M145 Spring was advertised 500-530 fps, but its a little stronger than that.
    This rifle is pretty light, the bi-pod makes the rifle a little front heavy. I may counter this and help silence the rifle by filling the stock with some kind of foam or clay. Im also looking into padding inside the sides of the stock to help silence it.

    Here is a terrible picture I took with my camera.
    Frontside, you can see the TDC mod here.
    Cylinder head - Polar Star
    What a fantastic airseal these guys get!
    Heres the set.
    And the Z-Trigger
    My camera died while taking pictures, I will be posting more soon!

    Things Im working on, or plan on changing..
    1) I also have a LL 6.03 inner barrel. When I have the time to compare and contrast the two, I will see which one I will keep in it.
    2) The next thing im looking at is the R-Hop or ER-Hop, for now the Nine Ball Purple Bucking and TDC mod are keeping my shots extremely consistent and accurate.
    3) Im going to cover the stock of my gun in gaffers tape or "sniper" tape, then paint over it. Im just doing this to help it blend in more and give it more of a "custom" look. Ill also be covering/painting the bi-pod and scope aswell.
    4) Currently the rifle shoots extremely hard. Im looking into putting a lesser spring in there to keep the fps down to stay closer with the field rules. Not to mention make the bolt pull a little lighter.
    5) LL Piston has been fixed, it catches just fine. But I may replace with a Polar Star if I have an issues in the future or I have the extra cash.

    Like I said, there is still work I need to do to complete this rifle. If anyone has any input or feedback, please let me know! Im always looking for ways to improve. :)
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    Dude awesome really cool gun dude how much money just pm me

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    Added new rail for the bi-pod to be mounted on.


  4. 703

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    Hes not selling it.... He simply made the thread to show us the build.

    As far as money is concerned how much do you think the total build has cost so far ? Just to give people a refrence of how much really goes into building an effective sniper.

    Anyways it Looks like a sleeper. Doesn't look all that fancy but shoots great. :)
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    Really, really nice gun. What I like more than the gun itself is the unique thing you did for looks.

    Most people paint the stock and leave everything else blank, especially the barrel. What you did, was camo nothing BUT the barrel. I have never seen that, ever. It looks cool.
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    Thanks guys!
    As far as cash that would normally be shelled out into making this rifle, id say $500+ without shipping on parts. I mean the LL Z-Trig is $250 alone. Id give you a more accurate range but im on the AS app at work.
    I have roughly $400 in this gun, I was able to get a great deal on parts from a local here so that cut down a major portion of the price.
    The look of the gun I also want to work on some more, I was going to cover the stock, but I may just keep it clean or paint something small on the butt. Like "Creeping Death" (Metallica anyone?).
    Theres still more I want to do with it. But im just looking for ways to improve.
    Thanks for your kind words! :)